Ultra-small Portable Window Tint Checker

Time:2019/06/26 09:36:00 Browse:1439

Among the portable window tint checker series produced by Linshang Technology, the LS160 and LS160A are the smallest just like a cigarette case. It's very convenient to carry, it can be put in your pocket and ready to use in any time. It is a three-band test instrument. The test card slot is only 0.8 mm, which is mainly used to test the solar film of the car, the transmittance of the building film and the infrared ultraviolet rejection rate.

window tint checker

In addition, the main difference between the LS160 and LS160A portable window tint checker is that the infrared test band and the sample suitable for testing is different. The LS160 window tint checker test the rejection rate of 950nm, suitable for testing the infrared absorption of the decalescence film. LS160A test the rejection rate of 1400nm, suitable for testing metal films or Ceramic nano film with stronger infrared reflection.

The LS160 and LS160A portable window tint checkers are ideal for solar film vendors to demonstrate the performance of their solar films. When testing, simply place the solar film in the test slot and display three test results simultaneously. Press the power button, the “Hold” symbol will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, indicating that the data has been locked and the test data stays the same when the film is taken away.



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