The rise of UVC LED sterilization applications

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UV LED lamp germicidal lamp source is mainly 275nm, 285nm, and some are 265nm, 310nm, 340nm and other bands. In the communication with customers, we learned some knowledge of LED lamp sterilization, so we have specially developed a UVC LED probe, equipped with our UV light meter host, which can be used to test LED germicidal lamps.

UV-C LED applications are mainly in three major markets: surface/air sterilization, static water sterilization, and flowing water sterilization. Static water sterilization and surface sterilization (air purification, home appliances, etc.) are not demanding in time. Currently, the market is widely used, and many emerging markets are created, including baby products, daily contact mobile phones, and escalators, household products such as toothbrushes, Toilets, cabinets, sports water bottles, and thermos.
       Sterilization of flowing water requires fast sterilization time and high requirements on product power. Applications in the domestic water purification market include water dispensers, kitchen hot and cold water, whole house water purification and baby products (milk wares) and more.

LS125 ultraviolet radiation meter

In the commercial and industrial markets, the current global water treatment market is about 20 billion US dollars, making it the most promising target market for UV-C LEDs. It mainly uses three sterilization methods, including Gravity Purifier, RO Purifier and UV Purifier. RO reverse osmosis is a widely used water purification technology, but it still needs to be sterilized with ultraviolet rays to remove bacteria and viruses in water and reduce the concentration of total organic carbon (TOC).
       Linshang's new
LS125 ultraviolet radiation meter can be equipped with a UVCLED probe, which is specially used to test the intensity of UVC LED lamps. It is also the only instrument that can test LED sterilization.

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