2019 IR Ink Hole Lens Transmission Meter Upgrade Again

Time:2019/03/25 11:10:00 Browse:1816

  Linshang LS108A and LS108D infrared ink hole Lens transmission meteris upgraded again, and now they have two measurement modes of rapid measurement and slow measurement.

  The light sensor on the smartphone can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, and the distance sensor can automatically turn off the screen when the phone is connected with the face and prevent the face from touching the screen operation.

  The infrared transmittance (for IR ink hole) and visible light transmittance (for screen) have been the important optical performance index of whether the phone cover plate is qualified.

  In order to monitor product quality while also improving work efficiency, and achieve a simple test experience, Linshang technology has got this IR ink hole lens transmission meter upgraded again.

  According to different customer needs, our instrument provides two kinds of measurement modes. The customer can choose the appropriate response speed during the test to adapt to the production line measurement. For customers who demand efficiency and capacity on line, they can choose quick measurement.

lens transmission meter

  The switching mode is as follows:  

  1. Plug in the power

  2. Hold the Count button and don't release it

  3. Power it on, release them after we can see three "100" on the display windows

  4. The setting is completed

  The mode you switched will become the default measurement mode for the next boot. The factory defaults is slow-speed measurement mode. If there is no requirement for the measuring speed, it is usually measured by slow speed.

More difference about LS108A ans LS108D lens transmission meter, please refer to the website "Light Transmission Meter Selection and FAQ".