9 Point Vacuum Coating Online Light Transmittance Meter for Wuxi Xincheng Company

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Wuxi Xincheng company is a professional vacuum coating machine manufacturer with strong technical force and professional R&D team.In the industry,many companies were using the Linshang vacuum coating online light transmittance meter.So they find us and ordered the 9 point vacuum coating online light transmittance meter from Linshang technology. 

The vacuum coating online light transmittance meter is mainly used on the winding vacuum coating machine to monitor the thickness uniformity of the film coating on-line.Due to the different size of the coater,this in-line tester is also completely tailored to the size of the customer's roll coater.The conventional complete set of equipment consists of several parts:the measurement and control host, the man-machine interface control box and the computer real-time monitoring software (optional).

  1. Measurement and control host:mainly includes test points(light source probe + receiving probe),controller and aluminum bracket;

  2. Man-machine interface control box:mainly includes man-machine interface,power supply, stainless steel box;

  3. Computer real-time monitoring system (optional):real-time monitoring of all test point data,including real-time display,histogram, upper and lower limit settings,real-time graph, over-limit alarm and other functions.The display of transmittance and optical density can be switched freely.

The following picture shows the overall appearance of the Linshang vacuum coating online light transmittance meter.

LS152 vacuum coating online light transmittance meter

Some coating machines have limited internal space and cannot be installed with the entire vacuum coating online light transmittance meter.You can choose to customize only the test points and controller parts.Manufacturers of coating machines have professional mechanical engineers who can design a bracket for fixing test points and controllers to achieve online test results.

The figure below shows an online light transmittance meter with 9 sets of test points without a fixed bracket.

test probe of online light transmittance meter

From the wiring diagram above, you can see:

  1. One controller controls 3 sets of test points

  2. Controllers are connected

That is,no matter how many test points are customized,only one communication line output is needed.The instrument uses RS485 communication interface and supports the standard MODBUS communication protocol.In this way, when the user receives the entire vacuum coating online light transmittance meter,it only needs to turn on the power.And the RS485 communication line is connected with the man-machine interface to complete the communication. For users who need to connect the HMI and PLC at the same time,you can select 2 RS485 communication line outputs. The instrument supports dual RS485 output.

The vacuum coating online light transmittance meter is suitable for testing various materials such as aluminized film,silver plated film and gold plated film.As long as it is a film that can transmit light,the online light transmittance meter can be used.For more details, please contact senior engineer Anita +8613510633052.