International Paint Thickness Gauge Manufacturer

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The first paint thickness gauge of Linshang was introduced in 2018. Before the release of the Linshang paint thickness gauge, there were a number of coating thickness gauges on the market. Today, we will introduce some paint thickness gauge suppliers.

Below we will briefly introduce 3 famous brands, they are Elcometer paint thickness gauge, Q-nix coating thickness gauge and Extech paint thickness gauge.

1. Elcometer paint thickness gauge

The first Elcometer paint thickness gauge was born in the UK in 1947. The brand has established agents in more than 170 countries with locations around the world. Elcometer paint thickness gauges are available in a wide range of sizes.

paint thickness gauge

2. Q-nix coating thickness gauge

Q-nix is a leading manufacturer of coating thickness measuring instruments. Founded in 1958, Q-nix has been developing and producing coating thickness gauges for a long time. The founder’s father Dr. Nix began to study the coating thickness gauge long time ago.

3.Extech coating thickness tester

Founded in 1970 and headquartered in the United States, Extech instrument has a strong distribution network and was acquired by FLIR Systems in November 2007. The company's test instruments and portable printers are considered one of the preferred brands in many industries.

coating thickness gauge

 4. Linshang paint thickness gauge

Linshang as professional coating thickness gauge supplier has invented various paint thickness gauges for the customers. Linshang Technology has invented LS220,LS220B,LS221,LS223,LS225,LS230 coating thickness gauges.

LS220, LS220B paint thickness gauges are used for measuring the car paint surface thickness. These two models are designed for the used car  industry. The LS220B paint thickness gauge has Bluetooth function.

LS221, LS 223 paint thickness gauges are used in the paint, surface treatment industry. LS223 paint thickness gauge can be used in -40℃ environment without any problem.

LS225 paint thickness gauge has pen-shaped probe which is used to measure the ultra-thin coating thickness such as bolts.

In addition, Linshang paint thickness gauge also has temperature compensation function and digitalizing analog signal function, these sensors are unsusceptible to interference and provide an excellent measuring accuracy. Compared with elcometer paint thickness gauge, q-nix coating thickness gauge or extech paint thickness gauge, Linshang paint thickness gauge attracts domestic and foreign customers due to its high cost performance.



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