Ink Film Thickness Gauge

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There are dry film and wet film in the paint film industry. In practice, it is often necessary to measure the dry film thickness. This article will mainly introduce the relevant knowledge of paint and ink film thickness gauge for your reference.

     The ink film thickness gauge is one of the thickness measuring instruments. In addition to the micrometer, simple equipment such as a dial gauge can also be used for dry film thickness detection. This article will mainly introduce the relevant knowledge of paint and ink film thickness gauge for your reference.
     Paint film refers to a continuous film formed by applying paint on a certain substrate, mainly used for the protection and decoration of the substrate.For example,in ships and motor vehicles, paints can form a paint film on the outside for anti-corrosion and rust-proof decoration.However,in the actual construction process,the paint film thickness is not completely uniform.In order to control the paint film thickness formed after the paint is applied, the premature failure of the paint film coating due to the improper thickness is avoided. The paint film thickness needs to be managed.
    The paint film can be divided into dry film and wet film.The thickness of the dry film can be controlled by controlling the wet film thickness.The dry film thickness can be directly managed.Both methods are used to achieve the overall film thickness requirement,but the actual measurement during the construction process is mainly to test the dry film thickness.This is because some paints must be tested at a certain film thickness.
     Measuring the thickness of paint and dry film can use professional ink film thickness gauges.Common electronic ink film thickness gauges have magnetic thickness gauges, eddy current thickness gauges and some destructive thickness gauges.With the improvement of the ink film thickness gauges,the sensitivity, accuracy and stability of the instrument have been greatly improved.There are even ink film thickness gauges using both magnetic thickness measurement and eddy current thickness measurement.LS220,Elcometer456,QNix 4500 and other manufacturers of dry film thickness gauges use this principle to measure the thickness of paint film on magnetic metal substrates such as steel.It can also measure non-magnetic metals such as steel and aluminum.the thickness of the insulating paint film on the substrate such as zinc.

ink film thickness gauge

   Take Linshang LS220H ink film thickness gauge as an example.When measuring,it is necessary to ensure that the probe of the instrument is in vertical contact with the paint film surface, due to the paint in different positions. There is a difference in film thickness,so it is recommended to change the position for multiple measurements and then calculate the average value.After the measurement results are obtained,the national standard GB1764-89 (79) can be used to determine whether the standard is met.

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