Acrylic sheets Characteristics Explored by Light Transmittance Meter

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1. The concept of acrylic board

Acrylic sheet is a kind of polymer material commonly used in modern society. It has super plasticity. We have developed many acrylic products according to its performance. Compared with traditional plates, acrylic sheets not only have a certain thickness and hardness, but also can transmit light with high efficiency. Many people call the acrylic sheet plexiglass, which can withstand the corrosion of various chemicals. It can be said that the stability is quite strong. We use the light transmittance meter to explore the characteristics of the acrylic plate, which is helpful to understand its multiple uses.

2. Features of acrylic sheet

(1) High light transmittance

The acrylic sheet on the market is extremely crystal clear from the appearance. Its light transmittance can be controlled at 92% or more. With the naked eye, you can find that the gloss of the acrylic board is very soft. It will not dazzle or fatigue the eyes. In addition, the acrylic sheet will show a very beautiful and shiny effect after artificial dyeing.

(2) High hardness

Acrylic sheet has high hardness, which is also an important parameter to measure its quality. In actual use, acrylic panels are not prone to cracking or bending deformation. Acrylic plates with higher hardness can resist external corrosion and natural erosion.
       Acrylic sheet is very malleable and can be applied to various fields after manual processing. Usually, people in the industry will use thermoforming technology or machining technology. Acrylic sheet has high flame resistance and strong abrasion resistance and good comprehensive mechanical properties.

3. The use of acrylic board

(1) Construction

Acrylic panels play a huge role in the construction field. The acrylic board is not only hard, strong and wear-resistant, but also a transparent material, which has both decorative beauty and practical protection. For example, the common telephone booths on the streets, the street windows, or the soundproof doors and windows used in home decoration are all made of acrylic board materials.

(2) Advertising field

With the development of modern technology, we can see transparent signs everywhere on the street. There are some transparent display racks in large shopping malls. These are the important roles that acrylic boards play in the advertising field. On the one hand, it caters to people's visual aesthetics, on the other hand, it saves costs and reduces consumption.

4. Light transmittance meterfor measuring acrylic plate

As an important physical property of acrylic sheet, light transmittance has been the key reason for its wide application. We all know that the light transmittance of acrylic plates is very high, but the light transmittance of acrylic plates produced by different types of different processing techniques often differs. We often choose the corresponding acrylic plates according to specific situations. Therefore, indispensable in the industry is the light transmittance meter.
       The light transmittance meter has a sensitive response characteristic and can display the value in a short time. When measuring, its operation method is simple and easy to understand. It does not need the help of special professionals. The light transmittance meter is quite small and exquisite. Whether it is industrial measurement or home measurement, the measurement is very convenient.