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car paint thickness gauge test the car
car paint thickness gauge test the car

The reason for the popularity of the second-hand car market is that many high-quality and low-priced second-hand cars can be found, but there are also some accident cars sold after painting, which is often difficult to distinguish by the naked eye. The car paint thickness gauge is a tool that can measure the paint film thickness. When you actually buy a car, you can carry it with you and test it anytime and anywhere.

The reason why we are reluctant to buy second-hand accident vehicles is because these vehicles often experience damage to their internal parts after a collision. We can't feel it at all by just looking at it.

The shortcomings of used car will slowly manifest itself after the actual road. Some accident car owners will repaint the car paint to cover up their defects in order to quickly sell the goods. In addition, the paint abrasion is also one of the typical characteristics of accident vehicles, so we can use the car paint thickness gauge to get more intuitive and accurate results.

The car paint thickness gauge can be used to detect the car paint film thickness. Its detection range is very wide. The sensitivity and accuracy are quite high. The car paint film thickness under normal conditions should be 90μm -180μm for a slightly thicker car paint film thickness can reach 200μm-300μm. But for an accident car that has undergone collision and friction, we can easily find that the paint film thickness is higher than the normal value by using the car paint thickness gauge.

For used car appraisers, it is very important to master paint appraisal skills. Because the quality of the paint can not only directly determine the price of the car, but also determine the specific repair situation through the position of the paint. Therefore, if you are proficient in paint surface recognition skills, the evaluation of used cars can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

After the second-hand car has been repaired by scratches, you can intuitively feel the problem of unevenness in the paint. Especially for parts with large areas of bumps, the putty repair area is relatively large. The putty tends to be uneven when the worker polishes the putty. Therefore, after the paint is repaired, the surface of the car body looks as uneven as a slight wave.

Therefore, the smoothness and flatness of the vehicle is also a major focus of our identification. The car paint thickness gauge can measure the paint film thickness at different uneven planes. When we check the connection between the top of the car and the surrounding body, we can use the car paint thickness gauge. 

Experienced used car appraisers are more inclined to choose car paint thickness gauges with good stability. Because of the superior performance of this instrument, the basic sensitivity can be guaranteed and the response time will be shorter. When testing the same used car, the data will not exceed the basic accuracy range of the instrument.

The car paint thickness gauge independently developed by Linshang has a highly sensitive probe, which can complete measurement in 0.5s. You can also carry it with you when you go out to the used car market for easy operation.

When driving a vehicle on the road, it is necessary to avoid possible safety hazards. For the owner, the inspection before the vehicle goes on the road is very important. Therefore, before buying a second-hand car, you can carry the car paint thickness gauge to test different parts of the vehicle to play a basic role in safeguarding.



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