Check Window Film with Light Transmittance Tester

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After buying a new car, many car lovers will attach window films to the windows. But do you know? In China, car owner will face traffic fines if the car windshield light transmittance is unqualified! If you want to check the automobile windshield light transmittance, you can use a light transmittance tester!

1. What are the requirements for window film?

After buying a car, the first thing that many car owners do is to stick window film on the car, which will bring a lot of convenience. First of all, after applying the window film, the window glass can be protected to a certain extent. Secondly, after applying the window film, it can protect the sun and heat well in summer. The window film can also protect the privacy of the individual and people outside can not see the situation in the car. However, if the transparency of the attached window film does not reach the standard, you will face the problem of paying a fine.
        There are uniform regulations on the light transmittance of automobile window films. For different models, the requirements for light transmittance are different. According to the national standard GB7258-2017, no matter what type of vehicle, pay attention to the light transmittance when posting window films. It is not allowed to post reflective mirror shading films. Since this regulation has only been implemented in recent years, the requirements for vehicles leaving the factory in different years are also different. Taking the van as an example, the situation inside the car of the vans shipped after January 1, 2018 must be seen clearly. When such a van is shipped, the visible light transmittance of the side windows and the rear windshield glass should reach 50%. Vans with light transmittance that is less than 50% is subject to a fine. For vans that were shipped before January 1, 2018, if the dark glass is used, the light transmittance is less than 50%, which can be regarded as qualified. But if the light transmittance is less than 50%, it will be regarded as a substandard vehicle, and it needs to be improved.

2. How is the light transmittance tester applied to the inspection of window glass?

Window glass has such strict requirements for light transmittance, which makes car owners gradually pay attention to it and no longer arbitrarily film their vehicles. To know whether the window film of your car meets the standard, you need to use a light transmittance tester.


When the traffic police check whether the light transmittance of the window glass is qualified, they use the light transmittance tester. Once the light transmittance is unqualified and does not reach more than 50%, it will face a traffic fine of 200 RMB. At the same time, the latest regulations issued recently indicate that those vehicles that put mirror reflective films on the windows or vehicles with a light transmittance of less than 50% will not be allowed to pass the test. Therefore, in order to facilitate the car inspection, we need to understand the light transmittance of the window glass to avoid unnecessary troubles during the car inspection.
        The state has formulated such strict regulations for the safety of the majority of car owners and we should actively cooperate. Want to know whether your window film meets the requirements? Let's measure it with a light transmittance tester!