What Fields Can Colorimeter be Applied to?

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Colorimeter is a common instrument in life. However, many people still stay at a relatively superficial level with regard to the concept of colorimeters and do not understand the important value of colorimeters. In fact, the colorimeter can perform color difference contrast, color test and color quality control.

1. What is "color difference"?

To understand the colorimeter, we must start with the basic concept of color difference. Color difference, if it is to be understood literally, is the "difference of different color". From a scientific point of view, different colored lights have different propagation paths. And thus present aberrations caused by differences in the light paths of different colored lights. This is called chromatic aberration, or "chromatic aberration."

2. Flexible use of "colorimeter" in life

Now that we know the specific meaning of color difference, we can continue to understand the specific role of the colorimeter. Sometimes, when we get a sample, we need to make a standard sample of the same color based on this sample. Then use this as a model to produce assembly line goods. If you only observe with the naked eye, it is actually difficult to distinguish the difference between the sample and the standard sample. Therefore, in this case, the colorimeter can play its role.

In addition, the colorimeter can also be used in the manufacturing process of some industrial products. For example, some new products are officially put into production lines. Although the procedures are in place, due to objective reasons such as lack of scientific operation and lack of necessary instruments for quality control, some products produced in the future will more or less have color deviations.Obviously, these products with chromatic aberrations are "defective products". If there are too many "defective products", the profitability of enterprises will be greatly reduced. Therefore, from the perspective of cost control, the manufacturing enterprise must equip the inspection personnel or the first-line construction personnel with a professional colorimeter during the production process to scientifically measure the color deviation of the product. Then continue to adjust and improve the manufacturing process to ultimately maintain the products color in one production line.

3. Classification of "colorimeter"

With the continuous advancement of testing technology, the colorimeter industry has also achieved leapfrog development. At present, the common types of colorimeters on the market include: handheld colorimeters, which can directly read color difference. In addition, the handheld colorimeter is the easiest to carry among colorimeter products and the volume is relatively small. In addition to being able to read data directly, the portable colorimeter can also be directly connected to a computer. Compared with the handheld colorimeter, the measurement accuracy is higher and the performance is more stable; The desktop colorimeter has the largest volume. It is generally used in larger production enterprises.

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