Pocket colorimeter VS spectrophotometer

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Instruments used for color measurement can be divided into two types: pocket colorimeter and spectrophotometer. The main function of the color measurement device is to collect colors and help control the color quality. And in all color-related industries, such as plastics, textiles, paint, metal hardware, printing and packaging, etc., color measurement is necessary. Although, the pocket colorimeter and spectrophotometer can measure the color, these two devices still have some differences. 

1. What is a colorimeter and how does it work?

Pocket colorimeter use precision color filters and full spectrum LED light sources. 

The principle is to measure the tristimulus value xyz of the sample through integration and then calculate the chromaticity coordinates and other parameters of the sample. The detector is usually covered with a filter that satisfies the Luther condition. The relative spectral sensitivity S(λ) of the detector is corrected to the spectral tristimulus value X(λ)y(λ)z(λ) recommended by CIE. Through these three light detectors to receive light stimuli, the tristimulus value XYZ of the sample can be measured with one integration.

45° illumination principle
D8° integrating sphere principle

2. What is spectrophotometer and how does it work?

Spectrophotometer is a complex color measuring instrument. It can measure the light intensity of different wavelength. Using the principle of spectral analysis, the absolute value of the color can be accurately measured. The spectrophotometer is not only high-precision, but also has increasing versatility. But the price is relatively more expensive, because the reflectance curve at each wavelength can be measured, so it is more suitable for complex color analysis. In addition, it can also accurately measure the L, a, and b values simultaneously, which is more accurate and more stable than ordinary portable colorimeters.

3. Pocket colorimeter or spectrophotometer? Choosing the right one for you:

According to the application you need, the price range and the complexity of the instrument, we can choose the right color measurement equipment for you. 

Although a portable color meter may be more very cheap, it can only measure the absorbance of a specific color and can’t identify metamerism. For applications that do not require complex color measurement, a pocket colorimeter can be selected for color difference evaluation. Linshang surface color difference meter LS171 will get the color difference value of ΔE, ΔL, Δa, Δb after the color difference is compared. For details, please watch the video below.

A spectrophotometer can provide color data with higher accuracy and advanced functions with much higher price. This may be a more useful color difference measurement tool for color management professionals who pursue highly accurate color data, digital color communication and color consistency throughout the production process. Consider your industry before making a decision.



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