Factors Affecting UV Curing of Ink

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As an indispensable drying technology in the ink printing industry-UV curing technology, its effect depends on many aspects. UV energy meter can be used to detect the actual ultraviolet intensity of the UV curing lamp, which lays the foundation for people to improve work efficiency and enhance product quality.

1. UV curing technology in the ink industry

In the ink printing industry, drying is an important process. It not only affects the time required to process the product, but also relates to the final printed product quality. As one of the radiation drying technologies, UV curing technology has been favored by people in the industry for its simple operation, high work efficiency and strong curing performance. UV curing technology will not affect the final thickness of the ink. The drying time is short, the molding speed is fast and there is no pollution to the external environment. It can be widely used in different forms of printing methods.

2. Factors affecting the UV curing of ink printing

Regarding the UV curing effect of ink printing, we often analyze it from multiple angles. In general, the time of UV curing and the ink layer thickness are very critical influencing factors, while the set intensity of the UV curing lamp and its actual intensity are the key factors. In actual work, we need to grasp these aspects to really improve the quality of ink printing products.

(1) UV curing time

The first thing we need to know is that different colors of ink absorb different ultraviolet light. Therefore, in actual UV curing, there is often a difference in the length of ultraviolet radiation we set. We use magenta ink as an example. Compared with blue and black, it is easier to achieve full curing, so the irradiation time is shorter.

(2) The ink layer thickness

The ink layer thickness is directly related to the final ultraviolet curing effect. The greater the thickness of the general ink, its internal curing effect can only be said to show a general level. The ink layer with a relatively thin thickness is very uniform after curing and drying.

(3) The intensity of UV curing light source

We often think that the intensity of UV curing light source determines the final curing effect of ink products to a large extent. Because different types of inks have different absorption capabilities for ultraviolet light, the intensity of the set ultraviolet light source should be different (requires detection with a UV energy meter). For inks such as magenta, which have a relatively weak ability to absorb ultraviolet light and are easy to achieve a complete curing effect, we choose a light source with appropriate light.

3. Relevant measurement by UV energy meter

In the ink printing industry, UV curing is an essential step. On the one hand, it saves a lot of drying time. On the other hand, it guarantees the effect and quality of printed products. It is even more critical to use a UV energy meter to measure the ultraviolet intensity. It checks the intensity of the UV curing light source to ensure that the UV radiation reaches industry standards. 

UV energy meter

The modern UV energy meter is very easy to use, just turn on the switch and face the UV light source for detection. However, in practical applications, it is also necessary to protect the UV energy meter and minimize exposure to strong light and high heat.