Gloss Measuring Instrument Measure Hammer Paint Gloss

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1. What is hammer paint?

Hammered paint is a variety of fine art paints formulated from film-forming resins, aluminum powder, pigments and special additives. It is named because it can form hammer-like patterns on the surface of the object to be coated. It not only protects the coating, but also has a decorative effect. However, the difference in the proportion of the raw materials and the modulation process of the hammered paint will cause a certain degree of change in the gloss of the hammered paint, affecting the overall decorative effect.

2. What is the gloss of hammer paint?

Hammer paint gloss is a characteristic it shows. Gloss is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of its surface to reflect light. When a beam of light is irradiated on the surface of the hammer paint film, diffuse reflections will occur in all directions. The optical receiver of the gloss measuring instrument can evaluate the gloss by receiving the specular reflection of the light.
      However, in the actual measurement process, as the hammer paint is prone to orange peel-like unevenness, it will lead to inaccurate gloss measurement values. The more uneven the surface of the hammer paint, the lower the measured glossiness index. The same hammer-patterned paint has different surface flatness due to different spraying processes. Among them, the smooth surface has a gloss value of 85%, while the uneven surface has a gloss value of only 40-50%. Therefore, to accurately measure the gloss of the hammer paint, the preparation of the template is the key.

3. Hammer paint gloss measurement method

In the process of measuring the gloss of the hammer paint, the flatness of the paint film on the sample board is directly related to the record of the gloss measurement. Therefore, in order to facilitate the gloss measurement, the hammer paint film with a flat surface is prepared by controlling the spraying process Very necessary.

(1) Template preparation

Using two sprays of hair, if you want to get a large pattern, one spray of hair will inevitably show a bottom. When using two spray methods, the first paint film should be dry before spraying the second paint. When spraying the second paint, the spray viscosity is lower or the spray thickness is slightly thicker, which is conducive to the leveling of the paint film, so that the paint film can obtain a smoother surface after drying, which is convenient for measuring gloss.

(2) Measured by gloss measuring instrument 

The measurement accuracy of the gloss measuring instrument is also related to the accuracy of the hammer paint gloss measurement. It is recommended to use Linshang LS192 portable gloss measuring instrument. This gloss measuring instrument is a gloss meter with a measurement range of up to 1000GU. It can be used to test the surface gloss of paints, coatings, inks, plastics, paper, tiles, ceramics, stone, metal and electroplated products. 



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