Gloss Meter | Calcium Powder and Gloss

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1. What is the relationship between calcium powder and product gloss?

Calcium powder can improve dimensional stability, reinforcement or semi-reinforcement, improve printing performance and physical properties (such as heat resistance, matting, abrasion resistance, flame resistance, whiteness, gloss) and so on. As the largest filling material, calcium carbonate powder has high requirements for its whiteness and gloss. In order to detect the effect of calcium powder on the gloss of products, it needs to be tested by a professional gloss meter.

2. Measure calcium powder gloss with gloss meter

Product gloss is a characteristic of its surface, which depends on the specular reflection ability of the product surface. The so-called specular reflection is a reflection phenomenon in which the reflection angle is equal to the incident angle. If the surface of the object is optically smooth, that is, the surface recess gap is less than 1/16 of the incident wavelength. When the incident light is a parallel beam, the specular reflection light is also a parallel beam and it is completely independent of the color of the object. The specular reflected light is still white. In theory, gloss is defined as the closeness of the surface's specular reflection ability to the full specular reflection ability. For specular surfaces, almost all incident light is reflected along the specular direction. For "matte" surfaces, incident light is reflected equally at any angle, so-called diffuse reflection occurs. 

The glossiness of calcium-added products and the glossiness of calcium-free products can be measured by the gloss meter. Under the uniform production conditions, the effect of calcium powder on the gloss of the product is analyzed as follows:

(1) Preparing the sample

Under the same production conditions, two samples with the same shape and size were prepared-sample (product with added calcium powder), standard sample (product without added calcium powder).

(2) Measure the gloss of the two samples surfaces with gloss meter 

(3) Compare the gloss difference between the two and analyze the effect of calcium powder on the gloss of the product.

For the gloss meter in the printing industry, we generally recommend Linshang LS191 gloss meter. The instrument has a universal 60-degree angle and is suitable for measuring the glossiness of most types. (Gloss is lower than 10GU or higher than 80GU, it is necessary to use a special gloss meter.) The performance parameters of this instrument conform to national standards. The measurement accuracy is high, which can ensure that it can pass the inspection of Chinese authoritative metrology agencies. Linshang LS191 gloss meter is not only a special gloss meter for the printing and packaging industry. This instrument can also be used to test the surface gloss of stone, ceramics, and baking paint.



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