Guide to the use of high temperature resistant UV energy meter

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Curing equipment is widely used today, such as the production of LED beads used in the dispensing machine, exposure machine, 3D printer. These curing equipment in the operation of high temperature, detection of curing light source curing strength need to use high temperature UV energy meter. Linshang has 8 models of high temperature UV energy meter, using aluminum alloy casing, can operate in high temperature environment for a long time, the measurement data is still accurate. So this article will introduce you to the Linshang high temperature UV energy meter use guide.

high temperature UV energy meter
high temperature UV energy meter

High temperature UV energy meter selection

Linshang has a total of 8 high-temperature energy meter, several energy meter applications are different, you need to choose the right model before use.

  1. Confirm the curing light source is a mercury lamp or LED lamp. If it is a mercury lamp can choose LS120/LS130/LS132/LS136 UV energy meter, if the LED lamp can choose LS128/LS131/LS133/LS137 UV energy meter.

  2. Confirm that the equipment under test is an exposure machine or conveyor belt. Due to the special nature of the location of the conveyor light source and exposure machine light source, the choice of instruments are different. Conveyor equipment can choose LS120/LS128, exposure machine equipment can choose LS130/LS132/LS133/LS131/LS136/LS137.

  3. Pay attention to the size of the measurement space. Some equipment light source space is relatively small, thick instruments may not be able to measure. If the measurement space is small you can choose LS132/LS133/LS136/LS137, these UV energy meter thickness is only 7.6mm fearless small measurement space.

High temperature UV energy meter use method

The next LS128 UV energy meter as an example, to introduce the use of methods.

  1. Setting

    Press and hold the power button in the off state to enter the setting interface. First select the measurement mode manual/automatic mode. Manual mode for the start of measurement that is, immediately start measuring, automatic mode to set the trigger power threshold, once the measured light source power to reach the set threshold before the measurement will begin. Press the left button to select, press the right button to confirm. Next, enter the smooth mode settings, there are "OFF", "50HZ", "60HZ" three options. Different countries use different frequencies of the power supply of the light source, smoothing settings need to be different according to the frequency of the power supply for data processing, so that the measurement data more accurate, mainland China uses 50HZ, so the instrument default selection of 50HZ.

    Measurement of LED lamps instrument will appear to set the standard selection interface, as the country for UV LED light source does not have a unified testing standards, some manufacturers need to instrument must be checked, so send the inspection can choose the national standard, but this national standard for the South China Institute of Metrology launched the standard. Instrument default selection of corporate standards is also Linsha own standards.

  2. Measurement

    After setting, you can enter the measurement interface, click the power button to choose whether to start a new measurement. Manual mode to stop the measurement requires a short press on the power button, automatic mode if the light source power is lower than the set trigger threshold to stop the measurement.

  3. PC software use method

    LS120/LS128/LS130/LS131 four ultraviolet energy meter comes with PC software, connected to the computer through the USB data cable. You can set the parameters on the computer or read the parameters of the instrument.

    On the PC software, you can read the measurement data of the instrument, and display the power curve and temperature curve. Save the power and temperature data. You can also print the measurement report.

LS128 UV energy meter PC software interface

LS128 UV energy meter PC software interface

LS128 UV energy meter connected to the computer

LS128 UV energy meter connected to the computer

The above is the guide of using Linshang UV energy meter. If you want to know more information about our products, please feel free to consult our customer service, we are always ready to answer your questions.