UVB ultraviolet irradiation meter applications and usage

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The ultraviolet rays in sunlight consist of three wavelengths: UVA, UVB and UVC, of which UVA causes tanning, UVB burns the skin and UVC is generally blocked by the ozone layer. UVC can promote the synthesis of vitamin D when irradiating the human body to prevent rickets, so more and more hospitals will use phototherapy lamps to treat the human body. In life, we are more exposed to the lamp should be UVB lamps, as some people will breed reptiles, plants and so on, UVB lamps can simulate the sun's rays to help reptiles, plants absorb calcium and thus promote growth, so UVB ultraviolet irradiation meter in the production process of UVB lamps play an important role. The following is an introduction to the application of UVB ultraviolet irradiation meter and its usage.

UVB Ultraviolet Radiation Meter Measures Reptile Lamp
UVB Ultraviolet Radiation Meter Measures Reptile Lamp

UVB ultraviolet irradiation meter applications

  1. Detect the UV intensity of reptile lamps and plant growth lamps

    Plant growth lamp and reptile lamp light source are basically using UVB lamps, UVB intensity if too high will affect the health of plants and animals and even the human body, so in the process of producing UVB lamps can use UVB ultraviolet irradiation meter to detect UVB radiation intensity, timely detection of defective products, so as to avoid more serious problems in the use of consumers. In addition, you can also use UVB UV irradiation meter to detect the reptile lamp, plant growth lamp light source is aging, by comparing the UV intensity of the light source to check the change in view and speculate on the service life of the light source, you can timely find and replace the aging light source.

  2. UV intensity detection in welding arc light

    In the national regulations of the "People's Republic of China National Occupational Health Standards" in the welding arc light source detection, clearly specifies the need to detect 290nm UVB light source. Therefore, when the CDC detects the UV intensity of the workplace, UVB UV irradiation meter can be used for testing.

  3. Phototherapy lamp UV intensity detection

    Phototherapy lamps in hospitals generally use 313nm UVB, which is commonly used for the treatment of skin diseases, such as vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema and other diseases. Therefore, the UVB intensity must be strictly controlled during the production of phototherapy lamps, because too high an intensity will burn the skin and too low an intensity will have no therapeutic effect. In addition in the light therapy lamp maintenance can use UVB ultraviolet irradiation meter, through the detection of ultraviolet intensity to determine whether the light source of the light therapy lamp problems.

Next, we will take the LS125+UVB-X0 UVB irradiometer from Linshang as an example and introduce the usage method.

  1. Connection

    The instrument is the host + probe split design, in the measurement before the first to connect the probe. Lin on the UV irradiation meter using the design of the air plug, you need to align the probe to the host interface, rotate to the right position and push forward gently, you can connect successfully. If you want to take out the probe, you only need to pull the metal buckle up, and then pull out the probe gently, do not violently rotate and pull.

  2. Setting

    Long press the power button to enter the setting interface, select whether to automatically shut down by turning up and down the key, right click to confirm, and then you can select whether to display the energy value by turning up and down the key, and then enter the unit selection interface, you can select μW/cm2 , mW/cm2 , W/m2 three units.

  3. Measurement

    After setting, you can enter the measurement interface and start measurement. Short press the left HOLD key to stop the measurement and save the data. Short press the power button again to start a new measurement.

  4. Data view

    You can view the history data by short pressing the up and down flip key, the instrument can save 9 groups of data. Long press the right button to clear all historical data records.

UVB ultraviolet irradiation meter

UVB ultraviolet irradiation meter

UVB ultraviolet radiation meter probe

UVB ultraviolet radiation meter probe

UVB ultraviolet radiation meter to measure reptile lamp The above is the whole content of introducing the application of UVB ultraviolet radiation meter and how to use it. The UVB ultraviolet radiation meter is Linshang, which is professionally suitable for detecting 280-315nm UVB light sources. It has intelligent statistical functions. The digital probe technology ensures the stability of the measurement data and ensures that it can pass the inspection of the National Metrology Institute.