BYK Gloss Meter VS Linshang Portable Gloss Meter

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Gloss meters are professional glossiness measurement devices used for measuring the glass( specular reflection ability) of the objects. It's hard for the customer to choose a suitable one with so many gloss meter brands on the global market. BYK gloss meter is very famous in the industry, but there are also gloss meters with the same performance but lower price in China. Linshang gloss meter is very popular among customers from different countries. If you compare Linshang LS192 Gloss meter and BYK gloss meter, you can found that their data is basically the same, in addition, the appearance and function of LS192 portable gloss meter is almost the same as BYK gloss meter. 

1. Measurement data of gloss meter

We measured some samples with a 60°BYK gloss meter and a LS192 portable glossmeter , the comparison results are shown below.

portable glossmeter

2. Appearance of gloss meter

The German BYK gloss meter are plastic with scroll wheel operation. The LS192 Portable Gloss meter has one metal button, with all-aluminum housing and a standard board base.

In comparison, the all-aluminum housing is more durable, and the LS192 portable gloss meter is smaller and easier to carry.

LS192 portable gloss meter

3.The features of Linshang LS192 Portable Gloss Meter

  1. Real-time measuring and display of measurement data.

  2. Intelligent statistical function, measurement time, maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation values are all simultaneously shown on the display interface.

  3. Instrument with temperature compensation function, measure data is stable , allowing calibration for a long period.

  4. This portable gloss meter supports USB transfer, comes with easy-link software. Gloss measurement can be completed online with a computer and test reports.

  5. All-aluminum design with great texture.

  6. Compact, can be placed in a pocket for easy carrying.

  7. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, super power saving. 

4. Gloss meter price

The quality of BYK gloss meter products has always been trustworthy, and its price has always been stable and at a high level. At present, the market price of a single-angle BYK gloss meter is not less than US$2000, but the price of Linshang gloss meter is around US$200. The qualification of Linshang gloss meter is not as high as BYK, but the product data is completely consistent, all in all, Linshang gloss meter is still worth trying.

From the above introduction we can see, Linshang LS192 portable glossmeter’s advantages are also very obvious.When making product selection, if you carefully compare the LS192 portable gloss meter and BYK gloss meter, it’s not difficult to make the right choice.