How to Distinguish the Quality of PC Endurance Board?

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Endurance board (also known as PC board, polycarbonate board, bulletproof glass, capron board, plastic solid board) is processed by high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate. The endurance board is resistant to impact, unbreakable, tough and safe. It has the best anti-theft and bulletproof effects. For first-time consumers, how to distinguish the quality of PC endurance boards is very troublesome.
      Generally speaking, the endurance board and the sun board are divided into 3 levels according to the quality. In order to meet different customer groups and customer needs, the products are divided into three grades according to the warranty, 10-year warranty, 5-year warranty and 3-year warranty. The brand, raw materials, quality and price of each grade are different. In addition, some PC endurance board manufacturers provide low-end PC endurance boards.
      Under the situation that the price of the endurance plate fluctuates greatly, customers only need to understand these. They can choose according to the uses and needs of their products. In the face of a product that is too low in price, should customers pay more attention to whether the product meets the required quality specifications. At the same time, we should also pay attention to some merchants to recharge, otherwise they spent 10 years warranty money to buy 5 or 3 years or even worse products. The following introduces several simple methods to judge the quality level of the endurance board. The transparency test of the endurance board.

1. How to distinguish the quality of PC endurance board?

(1) To see the transparency of PC endurance board, we can use Linshang tint meter to test the specific transparency of PC endurance board. Carbonate (sheet) is very clear and transparent. For example, a 3mm thick transparent endurance sheet has a light transmittance of 92%. An 8mm thick endurance sheet has a light transmittance of 83.3%, which is similar to glass.
      (2) Tear off the protective film on the pc sheet surface and check whether the sheet surface is flat and whether there are bubbles or particles. If the particles and bubbles are larger and larger, it means that the raw materials for the production of this PC endurance board are poor and belong to the low-grade board.
      (3) Measure the actual thickness of the PC endurance board. When the regular endurance board manufacturer produces, it will control the thickness of the board within the national standard tolerance range, that is, the customer orders 3mm PC endurance board. Conversely, it is produced by a factory with poor quality or cut-off materials.

(4) If possible, you can also use a small endurance board for testing and light it with a lighter. The endurance board produced by better quality PC raw materials will go out when it leaves the fire source. PC material has a high molecular weight, so this board is not easily broken.

(5) Compare the color difference of different batches of the same PC endurance board. If the color difference is very large, there may be a difference board.

2. Testing the transparency of PC endurance board

The new endurance board transparency test is one of the important test indicators of PC endurance board. At the same time, the transparency of PC endurance board directly determines the overall quality and quality of PC endurance board. To measure the optical transmittance of this infrared-transparent PC endurance board, it is recommended to use Linshang optical transmittance meter. Its model is LS108H. LS108H is an instrument that detects infrared 940nm, ultraviolet 365nm and visible light 550nm. LS108H optical transmittance meter is very suitable for organic materials, glass, PC materials transmittance test. We can also check the specific transparency of the PC endurance board and choose a PC endurance board that is more suitable for you.
      The above are some methods to distinguish the quality of PC endurance board. We hope it can help you!