Linshang Transmittance Tester Detect Automotive Glass Films

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As one of the indispensable instruments in the automotive decoration industry, the role of the transmittance tester is irreplaceable. On the one hand, it can be used to detect the actual light transmittance of automotive glass. On the other hand, it helps us test the transmittance of glass films. Manufacturers must choose a high-quality transmittance tester to accurately measure the light transmittance value.

So is the transmittance tester of Linshang Technology used to detect the reliability of automotive glass films?

The transmittance tester of Linshang Technology meets the requirements of human vision function. The ratio of transmitted light intensity to incident light intensity is taken as the final light transmittance value. According to different products to be tested, Linshang Technology has designed transmittance testers with different accuracy and measurment range, which can optimize the measurement. Testing the automotive glass film with a suitable transmittance tester can give people an intuitive and accurate reference. It can also avoid the situation of being fooled by the merchant and inferior products.

Under normal circumstances, when there is no film on the window glass, it is often easy to refract the external sun light and it cannot block the ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere. Some high-quality glass films can also shield the outside and protect the privacy of the car. Therefore, people will choose the darker color of the window glass film. This glass film has strong heat absorption ability, outstanding sun protection effect and has excellent ability to absorb light.

When actually selecting the glass film, the transmittance tester needs to be used. It can quickly display the light transmittance of different automotive glass films in a short time. Under real circumstances, manufacturers will add many chemical substances and physical impurities to the glass film to ensure its good heat insulation and explosion-proof capabilities and corresponding ductility. The Linshang transmittance tester can reflect the difference between the actual window glass film light transmittance and the standard light transmittance.

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We often find that in the process of using the transmittance tester, some automotives have low glass transmittance, which creates a darker and more comfortable internal environment, but the danger also comes. A glass film with too low light transmittance will cause the driver to have a blind spot, which is not conducive to safe driving. When passing through some strong light areas, the internal objects will be reflected on the car window due to the structure of the human eye, so that the road cannot be clearly seen. We also know when the automotive management office (the transmittance tester is also one of the necessary instruments) made inspection, the light transmittance of the automotive glass prescribed by law cannot be lower than 70%.

Another advantage of Linshang transmittance tester in inspecting the glass film of the automotive is that it is small in size and can be carried around. It is easy to use and easy to understand, which is very convenient for people to perform a self-test before the inspection. When replacing the glass film for your car, you can also carry it together and purchase a truly useful and qualified glass film. It can be said that the Linshang Technology transmittance tester is very reliable for detecting car glass films.