UV Integrator | High Pressure Mercury Lamp

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As a kind of ultraviolet radiation lighting tool, high-pressure mercury lamp is widely used in various industries. In order to determine the ultraviolet radiation value of the lamp, professionals generally choose UV integrator. The following is a brief description of the basic functions of high-pressure mercury lamps and related measurement knowledge of UV integrators.
       The advantages of high-pressure mercury lamps are obvious: it has the characteristics of low cost consumption, large illumination power and long service life. Compared with the general lamp, the high-pressure mercury lamp has a simpler internal structure design. It is often to apply a layer of fluorescent powder in the glass face mask in order to emit softer and brighter light. In large buildings, especially the physical properties of high-pressure mercury lamps in indoor environments can be brought into full play. The high-intensity illumination of high-pressure mercury lamps is related to the radiation of ultraviolet rays. The wavelength of ultraviolet rays is wider and the wavelength of each ray is different, the energy emitted by rays of different wavelengths is also very different.

UV integrator

The UV integrator can detect the energy value within a fixed wavelength. It can also select the mercury lamp suitable for the actual needs in a targeted manner. In fact, the power of high-pressure mercury lamps varies greatly and can be between 250W-20KW. If you apply some chemical phosphor to the inner lampshade of the high-pressure mercury lamp, it will significantly enhance its lighting effect. The high-pressure mercury lamp is used for indoor and outdoor high-intensity lighting. It can also be used as a light source for curing equipment. It can be used in the photoelectric product industry, the furniture industry, and the screen printing industry.
       While using heavy metal element-mercury discharge, the spectrum of radiation can also be controlled between 577.0-579.0nm. When the energy is too low, the high-pressure mercury lamp is difficult to meet the needs of industrial lighting, causing huge losses both economically and humanly. It should be noted that the illumination intensity (ultraviolet radiation intensity) of high-pressure mercury lamps is often affected by external temperature, humidity and some objective factors.
       In general, the UV intensity of the high-pressure mercury lamp directly affects its lighting effect. In other words, the UV intensity is the key to determine the quality of the high-pressure mercury lamp. The UV integrator can intuitively measure the ultraviolet radiation value and control the error within a small interval. The selection and correct measurement of the UV integrator can also further improve the accuracy and credibility of the value. The LS130 UV integrator produced by Linshang Technology can display the light source intensity and energy of the high-pressure mercury lamp at the same time. For real-time values, maximum power and other data can also be clearly shown. The spectral range is 315nm-400nm, suitable for measuring the ultraviolet intensity and energy measurement in high-pressure mercury lamps, halogen lamps and other light sources.