Paint Thickness Gauge Used to Test Coating Thickness

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Linshang Technology recently released a new product-LS225 paint thickness gauge, this instrument mainly uses the magnetic induction principle. This painting thickness gauge is mainly used to measure the non-magnetic coating thickness on magnetic metal substrates. Let's take a look at the application of Linshang LS225 paint thickness gauge in the coating industry.

1. Coating thickness

In short, the coating is to store a thin layer of metal or plastic on the surface of some objects for storage or good-looking. Sometimes the coating can also be used to imitate a precious metal. Specifically, a thin layer of some precious metal is plugged on the ordinary metal surface. It is essentially a metal matrix composite material.

Too thick or too thin coating thickness will affect the performance of the workpiece. Therefore, a painting thickness gauge is needed to detect the coating thickness. The file "GB/T13912-2002" stipulates the thickness of the hot-dip galvanized layer. If the coating thickness of the workpiece is greater than or equal to 6 mm, the coating thickness should be greater than 85 μm. The thickness of the local coating should be greater than 70 μm. If the thickness of the workpiece is less than 6 mm and greater than 3 mm, the coating thickness should be greater than 70 μm and the local thickness should be greater than 55 μm.

2. Why do we choose LS225 paint thickness gauge?

We know that the coating is often used on uneven surfaces or small handicrafts due to its thinness. Therefore, when measuring the coating thickness, it is usually not easy to measure, or the measurement data is not accurate. The Linshang LS225 painting thickness gauge perfectly circumvents the two major measurement problems faced by ordinary painting thickness gauges. The reason is as follows: Linshang painting thickness gauge is a detection pen. The smallest measurable measurement area is 7mm. The measurement range of this painting thickness gauge is 0-500μm.It is a professional instrument for measuring the coating thickness.

paint thickness gauge
paint thickness gauge

This paint thickness gauge is not only small on the side, it can measure the mock coating on screws, nuts, small crafts and other workpieces. The instrument also adopts advanced digital probe technology. The measurement data is processed directly on the probe to ensure the measurement accuracy. Even if the temperature changes, the measurement data can be kept stable. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy. We have also specially equipped test fixtures for this painting thickness gauge to avoid measurement errors caused by human factors.

Linshang LS225 painting thickness gauge not only provides high quality products, but also provides you with good after-sales service. If you want to know more information, please contact us at! To know other paint thickness testers, please read "Commonly Used Electronic Thickness Gauge Supplier |Price |Classification".



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