Steel Structure Fireproof Coating Thickness Measurement

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Steel is an indispensable material for many large-scale building constructions. It has strong hardness and strong bearing capacity, which can be said to have many advantages. However, when the steel structure encounters higher temperatures, it is easy to bend, break or have a low fire resistance limit. In order to avoid this problem, the steel surface is often coated with a fireproof coating for protection. Its specific thickness depends on the function of the plating thickness gauge.

plating thickness gauge

1. Steel structure fire protection coating 

The fireproof coating of steel structure is made of a variety of materials. We often divide it into ultra-thin type (coating thickness

2. What role does the fireproof coating play?

As the name implies, the most important role of the steel structure fire-retardant coating is to prevent fire. In addition, it has good toughness and can resist earthquake and bending. This has great practical significance for the renovation project. The ultra-thin steel structure fire-retardant coating and the thin steel structure fire-retardant coating with relatively low thickness are also often used for decoration.

(1) Fire prevention

The material used in the fire protection coating of the steel structure has a very low ignition point and low thermal conductivity, so it has strong performance in thermal insulation and fire protection. In theory, the steel structure fire protection coating is not ignitable, it can form a barrier on the surface of steel parts, not only absorb heat but also maintain the whole steel structure in a relatively low temperature environment.

(2)Bending resistance

The steel structure fireproof coating is composed of basic resin materials. Compared with the traditional fireproof coating, its flexibility and ductility are relatively strong. In some buildings, the overall load capacity of the building can be increased. The fire resistance of the steel structure with the appropriate thickness can be very strong.

(3) Earthquake resistance

Good seismic performance is one of the reasons why fireproof coatings for steel structures are widely used. When steel is used as a building material, the problem of increased brittleness and decreased tensile properties will occur due to the increase in external temperature. However, a fire-resistant coating on the surface can effectively resist earthquakes, increasing its practicality.

3. Plating thickness gaugemeasurement

The actual performance of the steel structure fire protection coating is inseparable from the relevant thickness. Often, the thicker the fireproof coating, the better the fireproof performance, while the thinner fireproof coating is more decorative. For different scenarios, we need to choose a steel structure fire protection coating with different thickness.
      The specific measurement also needs the help of the plating thickness gauge. The plating thickness gauge can achieve fast non-destructive measurement. The accuracy of the data is very high. In terms of actual operation, the plating thickness gauges operation is simple and easy to use. The data display is also intelligently developed. This feature also makes plating thickness gauges increasingly popular.



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