Use of Car Window Tint Meter

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The visible light transmittance of a window is the amount of visible light that is allowed to pass through the window. So when you hear percentages describe stick-film glass performance, this is VLT. Therefore, if you see a VLT value of 5%, the laminated glass will be very dark. And a 5% visible light transmittance means that only 5% of the visible light will pass. 80% of the VLT indicates that the laminated glass is very bright, allowing 80% of the visible light to enter. VLT ranges from 0% to 100%. A low reading data indicates less visible light throughput and a high reading data indicates large visible light throughput.
      The working principle of the car window tint meter is that the light beam emitted from the sensor of the instrument passes through the measured material and then is received by the receiver. When the beam is intercepted by the material, the instrument measures the amount of light passing through and gives a corresponding data.
      New car window tint meters usually test three parameters: visible light transmittance, infrared rejection rate and ultraviolet rejection rate. As a well-known car window tint meter manufacturer in China, Linshang Technology is committed to continuous research and development of cost-effective, high-quality car window tint meters. LS163, LS163A are two high-tech car window tint meters newly developed by Linshang Technology. The LS163 car window tint meter measures 365nm ultraviolet, 940nm infrared and 380-760nm all white light, which meets the CIE bright photopic luminosity function. Linshang car window tint meter has the following characteristics:
1. The screen is rotative.
2. Three modes of light transmittance, rejection rate and transmittance can be selected.
3. The test slot is up to 6mm, which can test large thickness materials, such as automobile side windshield. During the test, there is no need to press the button. Place the measured material in the slot and the optical data of the material will be displayed on the instrument.
4. The instrument is small and easy to carry out.

car window tint meter

Linshang LS163 series car window tint meter can be used not only to measure the side car windshield, but also to measure the front windshield of the car. This car window tint meter is suitable for all 4S shops and auto repair shops to test the stick-film glass of cars to meet national standards. The detection of visible light transmittance (VLT) is very important. The state stipulates that the transmittance of the car front glass must reach more than 70%. If the transmittance of the car front glass does not meet the required requirements, it will seriously affect the driver's sight and cause traffic accidents. Therefore, both the owner and the inspector can purchase such a car window tint meter to conduct spot checks on vehicles on the road.