Advantages and Intensity Detection of LED Germicidal Lamps

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The traditional germicidal lamp is a mercury lamp tube with a peak wavelength of 253.7nm, which is mainly used in the medical sterilization industry. In recent years, people's living standards have improved and more attention has been paid to daily sterilization. However, due to the limitations of the volume and length of traditional mercury lamps, as well as short service life and inconvenient use, small LED germicidal lamp has emerged. 
       At present, the peak wavelength of LED germicidal lamps is mainly between 255-280nm. Because the intensity of radiation will affect the germicidal effect and the light source will be attenuated for a period of time. The intensity of the LED germicidal lamp is still to be measured. At present, only the Linshang LS125 light intensity meter is used to test the intensity of this kind of light source on the market.

1. The advantages of LED germicidal lights

(1) First, the LED germicidal lamp is a kind of LED light source, which belongs to a narrow-spectrum light source.
       (2) The LED germicidal lamp has high intensity. Among the customers who come to visit us for testing, the power of the light source is basically higher than 500μW / cm² and some are even as high as 6000μW / cm².
       (3) LED germicidal lamp beads are small in size, suitable for small appliances and even thermos cups, toothbrush boxes, etc. It is the best choice for disinfection at home

2. The detection method of LED germicidal lamp intensity

At present, most of the uv-c light intensity meters on the market that test the intensity of germicidal lamps are aimed at 253.7nm traditional germicidal lamps. Only the LS125 UV light intensity meter+ UVCLED-X0 probe is used to test the intensity of LED germicidal lamps.
       Because it is an emerging light source and the testing of ultraviolet light is an international problem, the technical requirements are extremely high. When the LED germicidal lamp began to appear, it was also a coincidence that the customer came to Linshang to discuss the advantages and testing methods of the LED germicidal lamp. Linshang engineer realized that the LED germicidal lamp must become a trend. So they invest a lot of energy to develop a professional uv-c light intensity meter for testing the intensity of LED germicidal lamps, which is the old version of UVCLED-X0 probe.

uvc light intensity meter

Due to the rarely use of LED germicidal lamps at the beginning, it has been used as a custom product before. Since 2018, the demand has continued to increase. Just as the LS125 uvc-light intensity meter was upgraded, this probe was upgraded to a conventional probe.
       Recently, due to the severe epidemic situation, many people have purchased LED germicidal lamps as daily household antibacterial and the demand for LED germicidal lamp intensity testers has soared. Here, we also need to remind our users that the ultraviolet light of the LED germicidal lamp is also harmful to the human body. 



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