How to Measure Ultraviolet Radiation Intensity by a UV Lamp Intensity Meter?

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​What is ultraviolet light? How to measure ultraviolet radiation?A professional UV lamp intensity meter ( also called uv light intensity meter) should be used for testing.

What is ultraviolet light? Ultraviolet light means that the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum is from 10 nm to 400 nm, and the ultraviolet light is divided into three bands of UVA, UVB, and UVC. How to measure ultraviolet radiation intensity?A professional UV lamp intensity meter ( also called uv light intensity meter) should be used for testing.

UV light intensity meter
UV light intensity meter

1. What is ultraviolet light?

Ultraviolet light means that the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum is from 10 nm to 400 nm and cannot be perceived by the naked eye. According to the band, UV is divided into three categories: UVA, UVB, and UVC:

  1. UVA is a long-wave UV-transparent, wavelength 315 nm - 400 nm, which can make the skin elastic and collagen fibers, can make the skin tan.

  2. UVB is a medium-wave ultraviolet ray with erythema effect to promote mineral metabolism and vitamin D formation in the body, the wavelength is 280 nm - 320 nm, but long-term exposure is not recommended, because it will tan the skin caused by erythema peeling.

  3. UVC is a short-wave ultraviolet ray that has a bactericidal effect. The wavelength is 200 nm – 280 nm. The UVC band is very harmful to the human body. Short-term exposure can burn the skin. If it is exposed for a long time, it will cause skin cancer.

Ultraviolet rays are often used in our lives. UVC is often used in hospital germicidal lamps. UVB is often used in health care physiotherapy lamps. UVA is often used in curing lamps in the curing industry. Generally, the intensity and energy of ultraviolet light are detected. It is recommended to use an ultraviolet radiation meter such as the UV lamp intensity meter LS126C for professional detection of UVC band or the multi-probe UV lamp intensity meter LS125 for detecting the intensity of UVB,UVA and UVC.

2. How to measure UVGI?

First, an UVC lamp intensity measurement device is necessary. Next let's look at the method for detecting UVC light source with LS126C UV lamp intensity meter:

  1. LS126C UV measurement device as a professional UV lamp intensity meter will be provided with a 1 meter extension hook, the customer only needs to stretch the hook to 1 meter and then directly hang the meter on the 254nm UV lamp tube, then put the UV lamp intensity meter on the tray then turn on the UV disinfection lamp to start test.

  2. If the customer downloads the uv measurement app for LS126C, the Bluetooth function can also be used. The uv lamp intensity meter can be connect to the mobile phone APP. The transmission distance of the Bluetooth is 50 meters in an open place. With this Bluetooth function, the test staff won't get hurt by the UV rays. You can stay out of the testing room and view the data on the mobile phone.

UV lamp intensity meter
UV lamp intensity meter

3. How to measure UVA/UVB light intensity?

 UVB or UVA light sources irradiation intensity can be detected by the LS125 multi-probe UV lamp intensity meter. LS125 is an multi-probe UV measurement device that can be equipped with 9 probes: UVC-X0, UVCLED-X0, UVCWP-X1, UVB-X0, UVA-X1, UVALED-X3. No matter you want to test the UVA,UVB or UVC band. You can select a suitable probe.

  1. When using LS125 UV lamp intensity meter, first determine the light source, if it is to detect UVB light source, install UVB probe, if it is UVA light source, install UVA probe...

  2. Then start the test by aligning the light source with the test aperture of the UV measurement device.

  3. As shown on the right of the image above, we can read the UVB radiation intensity (Power) value of the UVB light source under test

4. UV Light Intensity Meter (Hot)

1.Specially for 254nm UVC germicidal lamp
2.Equipped with PC software and mobile APP
3.Radiation intensity measuring range: 0-20000 μW/cm²
4.Spectral response: 230nm-280nm, λp = 254nm
5.Complimentary 1 meter long retractable test hook
6. It can record data for up to 10 hours
Price: US$380
Model: LS126C
1.The LS125 UV light meter host support 9 probes
2.LS125+UVC-X0 probe: for 254nm germicidal lamp
3.LS125+UVCLED-X0 probe: for UVC LED
4.LS125+UVA-X0: for UVA high pressure mercury lamp
5.LS125+UVB-X0: for UVB lamp
Model: LS125

The above is an introduction to how to check UV lamp intensity? If you have any questions about our UV lamp intensity meter, please feel free to contact us by email. For more information about the UV light intensity meter, Please refer to "How to Select the Best UV Light intensity meter."

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