Ultra Convenient Architectural Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge

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In the construction industry, glass is widely used. It can be seen everywhere in daily life. The windows and curtain walls of ordinary houses and high-rise buildings are made of glass. Especially for buildings, the use of curtain wall glass is more extensive. The glass thickness directly affects the effects of thermal insulation, explosion protection and noise blocking. Therefore, the building inspection unit usually measures the glass thickness when inspecting it.
       Most of the glass thickness measuring gauges on the market are ultrasonic thickness gauges and vernier calipers. Today, what we want to introduce a laser reflection principle architectural glass thickness measuring gauge.

1. The comparative advantages of LS201 architectural glass thickness measuring gauge 

Everyone should know that ultrasonic thickness gauges require couplants for testing. The testing is tedious, the measurement range is narrow and it is only suitable for single-layer glass testing. Although the vernier caliper does not require a coupling agent as a medium, it can also only measure the single layer glass thickness. It can only be measured before installation and it cannot measure the installed architectural glass. Let's take a look at the Linshang LS201 glass thickness measuring gauge.

glass thickness measuring gauge

This is a super convenient building glass thickness measuring gauge. First of all, the most important thing is that it uses the principle of laser reflection, which can measure the glass thickness without any medium. It is very suitable for the installed building glass. Secondly, this instrument can measure triple glazing, that is, it can measure the thickness of double glazing and triple glazing within the range. Finally, this instrument is a digital display glass thickness measuring gauge. The thickness of each layer of glass and air has been automatically generated on the screen, without manual calculation. With the above three characteristics at the same time, the Linshang LS201 glass thickness measuring gauge is unique in the market.

2.  The technical parameters of architectural glass thickness measuring gauge 

● Dimensions: 130mm ×72mm ×33mm (L*W*H)

● Measuring range: glass thickness 70mm, air interlayer 45mm

● Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1mm

● Instrument weight: 330 g

● Battery: 4 AAA alkaline dry batteries

● Display: 240 * 160 dot matrix LCD

glass thickness measuring gauge

From the technical parameters of this architectural glass thickness measuring gauge , we can understand that in addition to the above three advantages, this instrument also has the characteristics of compact and lightweight, wide measurement range, high precision and convenient power supply. Whether for the building glass manufacturer or the building glass inspection industry, it is very practical.



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