UV Light Intensity Measurement and Its Units

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We know some units that describe objects, such as only, piece, box, handle, etc. These are the units that we will naturally understand in daily life. When we received cultural education, we learned that there are more and more units, such as length units, area units, volume units, etc. Today we mainly talk about uv light intensity measurement units.

1. The difference between UV light intensity measurement unit and electric power unit

UV light intensity measurement units and electrical power units are often indistinguishable. Now we will explain the differences between the two definitions:

The work that electric current does in a unit of time is called electric power. It is a physical quantity used to indicate the speed of electricity consumption. Its international unit is watts (w) and the symbol is W. The uv light intensity measurement unit refers to the radiation intensity of ultraviolet rays per unit area and the unit symbol is W / m².

2. UV light intensity measurement unit and its measurement 

Commonly used UV light intensity measurement units are W / m², W / cm², mW / cm², μW / cm², etc. Since the existence of UV light intensity measurement units, it indicates that the intensity of UV can be measured. The instrument for measuring UV intensity is Linshang LS125 UV light tester is a full-featured instrument.

UV light tester

This UV light tester is equipped with 9 probes and the host intelligently recognizes the connected probes. The 9 probes cover the UVC, UVB and UVA bands. The 9 probes have different measurement ranges and the units can be switched. Both traditional mercury lamps and emerging LED light sources can be tested by the 9 probes.

The ultraviolet light intensity has a great relationship with the distance, angle and position between the measured position and the light source, so we must pay attention to that when measuring the intensity of the ultraviolet light source. We shall select a proper test position.

In addition, the unit of the UV light tester itself is also very important. It is necessary to choose a suitable unit according to the actual intensity of the UV light source. For example, the conversion of Uv light intensity measurement unit  is 1 mW / cm² = 1000 μW / cm². For example, if a high-power light source is selected, the uv light tester only has μW / cm² units, then the measured data will be very large, which is inconvenient for reading. If it is a low-power light source, we choose uv light tester of mW / cm², the measured data will be very small. The measured data may be 0 because the actual data is smaller than the resolution of the instrument, so such a measurement is meaningless.