UV Sterilization Used In Novel Coronavirus

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The new type of coronavirus is menacing and there is a human-to-human phenomenon. At present, the number of infected people has exceeded 70,000. Due to its super-transmissive nature, travel restrictions, work stoppages and school stoppages are restricted everywhere.
       New types of coronavirus sterilization methods include high-temperature sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization and alcohol sterilization. So how is the new type of coronavirus sterilized? How to apply and detect the UV light intensity in practice?

1.  The principle of ultraviolet sterilization on new coronavirus

Not all ultraviolet rays have a bactericidal effect on the new coronavirus. What really works is 254nm UVC short-wave ultraviolet rays. Most of the short-wave ultraviolet rays in sunlight have been absorbed and blocked by the atmosphere and cannot reach the ground. For sterilization, artificial UV light sources are used. In new coronaviruses, short-wave ultraviolet rays have a bactericidal effect by destroying the virus's DNA.

2. Application of coronavirus UV sterilization

The application scope of the coronavirus ultraviolet sterilization is very wide. The most commonly used are medical institutions, such as germicidal lamps in public areas and wards, transmission windows in test rooms and intensive care units. Turn on the light source to kill the new coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria. 254nm UV germicidal lamps are often used, the UV light source intensity is particularly important. Some viruses and bacteria can only sterilize when the UV light source reaches a certain intensity.

3. The detection of coronavirus UV sterilization

As mentioned above, certain viruses and bacteria can only sterilize when the ultraviolet light source reaches a certain intensity. In national standards, there are related requirements for the intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamps. The 30W ordinary straight tube is required to measure at a distance of 1 meter below the center of the lamp. The intensity of the new lamp is greater than 100μW / cm² and the intensity of the old lamp in use is greater than 70μW / cm². To measure the intensity of UV germicidal lamps, the Linshang LS126C UV light measurement equipment is recommended.

UV light measurement equipment

At present, the spread of the new coronavirus is still very serious. But in the process of protest, the health of workers needs to be ensured. The principle of UV sterilization is to destroy the DNA of viruses and bacteria to achieve a sterilizing effect. Similarly, short-wave ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the human body. The Linshang LS126C UV light measurement equipment has a Bluetooth real-time monitoring function. We can download the APP through a mobile phone and connect the instrument through Bluetooth to monitor the intensity of the light source in real time to prevent the worker from being exposed to the UV light source.



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