National Standards and Testing Methods of Medical Germicidal Lamps

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The strongest UV peak absorbed by DNA, RNA and nucleoproteins in bacteria is at 253.7nm (UVC). After the bacteria absorb UV at this wavelength, it causes DNA strands to break, the cross-linking of nucleic acids, thereby killing biological activity of nucleic acids. Therefore, UVC is also called sterilized UV.
       The medical germicidal lamp emits ultraviolet rays in the UVC band of 253.7nm for sterilization. Because the intensity of the germicidal lamp affects its sterilizing effect, the hospital often measures the intensity of the medical germicidal lamp. LS126C UVC light intensity meter is a very many instruments used in hospitals

1. National Standard for medical sterilizing lamps intensity

The A.3.1.2 regulations in "WS / T 367-2012" specify the qualification standards for the strength of medical germicidal lamps.
       For ordinary 30W straight tube type UV lamps, the irradiation intensity of the new lamp should meet the requirements of GB 19258. The irradiation intensity of the UV germicidal lamp in use is ≥70μW / cm². The irradiation intensity of the new lamp is ≥100 μW / cm², 30W high intensity UV new lamp radiometer intensity ≥180μW / cm².
       The above two kinds of lamps are the most commonly used by medical institutions at present. When the hospital evaluates the top three hospitals, it is required that the germicidal lamps of the hospital meet the national standards and are regularly tested as required.

2. Test methods for the strength of medical germicidal lamps

National standards require that after the UV lamp is turned on for 5 minutes, the measurement is performed at a position 1 m vertically below the center of the lamp tube. Generally speaking, the intensity is relatively stable after the UV lamp is turned on for 10 minutes. The Linshang LS126C UVC light intensity meter has a 10-minute automatic shutdown function, so it is very suitable for the test of medical germicidal lamps intensity.

uvc light intensity meter

There are two recommended methods during the actual test of the LS126C UVC light intensity meter.

  1. The conventional test method, the instrument is set to automatically shut down in 10 minutes and the hook is hung. The hook is placed 1 meter below the middle of the light tube. A new test is started after the machine is turned on. In the room, turn on the lamp. Turn off the lamp after 10 minutes and take the instrument to read the data. At this time, the pass judgment value can be based on the RT value.

  2. Due to the large number of germicidal lamps in many hospitals and the limited number of testing staff and instruments, you can use the Bluetooth detection function in daily tests. Download the UV light meterAPP on your phone, turn on Bluetooth to search for related devices and start a new test Later. The instrument is also placed on the hook. After leaving the room, the person turns on the ultraviolet light and checks the real-time value of the light source intensity on the mobile phone APP. Once the data is stable, the test can be completed.

The above are the relevant standards and test methods for the intensity of medical germicidal lamps.



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