Ultraviolet Effect and UV Intensity Meter

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Ultraviolet rays in sunlight refer to the 200nm-380nm band. It is divided into short-wave UVC (200-280nm), medium-wave UVB (280nm-320nm) and long-wave UVA (320nm- 380nm). Different wavelengths of ultraviolet rays have different effects. The application of ultraviolet rays in different occasions has different requirements for the intensity of ultraviolet rays. To measure the intensity of ultraviolet rays, an UV intensity meter is needed. The Linshang LS125 UV intensity meter is a very full-featured professional light intensity measurement equipment.

1. The role of ultraviolet at different wavelengths

The effects of different wavelengths of ultraviolet light are different. Different UV intensity meters must be selected for different wavelength bands. 

 (1) Short-wave UVC is mainly used for sterilization. At present, medical institutions mainly use 253.7nm UV light source for sterilization. In addition to this ultraviolet, there are currently emerging LED germicidal lamp beads on the market with peak wavelengths between 260nm and 285nm, which are mainly used for sterilization of small household appliances and household goods.

(2) Medium-wave UVB is mainly used in medical physiotherapy lamps, irradiation lamps for plant growth and reptiles. This light intensity measurement equipment is also often used for aging tests of products in laboratory.

(3) The role of long-wave ultraviolet UVA is very wide, the most commonly used are UV curing, exposure, aging test, etc., Its penetration is very strong, most of the ultraviolet light in the sun are UVA long-wave ultraviolet.

2. The use of UV intensity meter

Ultraviolet measurement is still a difficult problem in the world. In addition to traditional mercury lamp light sources, LED ultraviolet light sources are emerging in the market. For the traditional mercury lamp light source, China has a uniform measurement standard. In the standard, UVC, UVB and UVA wavebands are distinguished.

uv intensity meter

Since the intensity of ultraviolet rays is different in different occasions. The effect of ultraviolet rays in different bands is different. The spectral curves of the light sources of traditional mercury lamps and LEDs are much different, it is not only necessary to measure the intensity of ultraviolet light sources, but also to choose according to the type of light source . The Linshang UV intensity meter LS125 can be equipped with 9 probes, this instrument has already cover all types of wavelengths and light sources.

Regarding the UVC band, there are three types of probes, of which UVC-X0 is dedicated to mercury lamps; UVC-WP-X0 are dedicated to waterproof mercury lamps. UCLED-X0 is dedicated to emerging LED germicidal lamps. UVB band, because there is only mercury lamp light source at present, so it is equipped with UVB-X0 probe.

The UVA band also distinguishes between traditional mercury lamps and emerging LED light sources. There are two types of mercury lamps tested, namely UVA-X0 is used to test high-power mercury lamps. UVA-X1 is used to test low-power mercury lamps. The minimum unit and the measurement range of the two is not the same. There are three types of probes for LEDs. Among them, UVALED-X0 and UVALED-X1 have a large measurement range. The size of the light hole is different between these two probes. The small range is UVALED-X3.

Why do we recommend this LS125 UV intensity meter? The Linshang UV intensity meter with mutiple probes is very popular in the market. The data collection and processing are realized on the probe, which avoids external interference to the greatest extent.



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