Three Characteristics of UVC Light Intensity Meter

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The most common medical ultraviolet disinfection lamp uses a low-pressure mercury lamp with a peak wavelength of 253.7nm. Due to the material characteristics of the disinfection lamp itself, the ultraviolet radiation intensity emitted by the ultraviolet disinfection lamp tube will decay with the increase of the use time. In addition, long-term use will also cause stains on the lamp tube surface. Therefore, it is recommended to use a professional uvc light intensity meter on a regular basis to ensure the efficacy of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp.
       Linshang Technology provides a UVC light intensity meter specially designed for medical UV disinfection lamps. We also call it a UVC meter. This is an instrument used to detect the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. Periodic detection of medical ultraviolet disinfection lamps should be used to find the intensity of radiation before the corresponding wording can be taken to ensure the normal operation of the disinfection lamps. The features of this detector are as follows:

1. Equipped with a 1-meter hook for easy testing

According to the "WST 367-2012 Disinfection Technical Specifications for Medical Institutions", when testing disinfection lamps, the detector needs to be placed vertically at 1 meter below the lamp. In order to facilitate users to meet this requirement during testing, the LS126C uvc light intensity meter is equipped with a 1-meter hook, as shown in the following figure:
       When in use, the uvc light intensity meter can be placed on the hook with the probe facing up. The detector is suspended vertically under the ultraviolet disinfection lamp.

2. Equipped with a mobile APP, which can monitor data in real time

From the right of the figure above, you can see the mobile APP data monitoring interface, which is also a new feature of this uvc light intensity meter after the upgrade. The instrument can transmit data to the mobile phone via Bluetooth and display it in real time via APP. Through this function, the user can monitor the UV intensity change of the disinfection lamp in real time.

3. Equipped with computer software to export test data

LS126C uvc light intensity meter is equipped with professional computer software. After the software is installed, the data obtained by the instrument can be read through the data cable. When the disinfection lamp is tested in multiple occasions, the attenuation of the ultraviolet lamp and the irradiation intensity can be analyzed through data.

uvc light intensity meter

In addition to the above three characteristics, this uvc light intensity meter also has its own data statistics function. During the test, the maximum, minimum, real-time value and average value of UV intensity can be read from the screen at any time. It can also record the measurement time and date to help users trace back test data more quickly. More importantly, this LS126C uvc light intensity meter can ensure that it passes the formal measurement institute's test and conforms to the "JJG 879-2015 ultraviolet radiation illuminance meter verification regulations".  

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