Knowledge About UV Germicidal Lamps and UV Lamp Intensity Meter

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Recently affected by new coronavirus pneumonia. People pay more and more attention to sterilization. Most households choose alcohol to sterilize, but for hospitals, medical institutions and other occasions. They choose ultraviolet light to sterilize. So we require an uv lamp intensity meter for lamp intensity measurement.

1. UV lamp sterilization principle

Ultraviolet rays are generally divided into UVA, UVB and UVC. What we usually call the sterilization ultraviolet rays is the UVC band of ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 250nm-270nm have the best bactericidal properties. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp contains a mercury component and its resonance normal line is 2537A. Mercury-containing ultraviolet germicidal lamps can produce ultraviolet rays with a peak wavelength of 253.7 nm. This kind of ultraviolet rays can make the RNAV or DNA of bacteria or virus change and make cells lose the ability to reproduce, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.
      UV germicidal lamps are effective against any virus or bacteria. And when the energy value reaches the standard, high-intensity ultraviolet rays can kill ultraviolet rays in a short time. Therefore, the UV germicidal lamp is very thorough. If the energy of the germicidal lamp is detected with a UV lamp intensity meter, if the energy is not qualified, the virus or bacteria cannot be killed, but only the wound. Therefore, it is very important to test whether the germicidal lamp is qualified with a UV lamp intensity meter.

2. Matters needing attention for UV lamps

(1) We know that ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body. Therefore, we must pay attention to protection when performing UV sterilization. Avoid exposure to the human body. 
      (2) Please do not irradiate pets or plants during UV disinfection. Because ultraviolet rays have a killing effect on cells. The ultraviolet rays may cause damage to plants or animals.
      (3) It is forbidden to use ultraviolet rays for lighting, ultraviolet rays are mainly used for sterilization. Avoid turning on the UV lamp for a long time.
      (4) It is prohibited to irradiate the famous paintings with ultraviolet rays. Because ultraviolet rays can oxidize and change the color of calligraphy and painting
      (5) Ventilate after sterilization.

3. Use UV lamp intensity meter to detect germicidal lamps

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body. If the energy does not meet the standards, it cannot be sterilized. Regular energy testing of UV germicidal lamps becomes necessary. Then ultraviolet is harmful to the human body. How should we choose a UV lamp intensity meter? The reasons that why we choose Linshang LS126C UV lamp intensity meter are as follows:

UV lamp intensity meter

(1) The Linshang LS126C UV lamp intensity meter has Bluetooth function and can be connected to mobile APP. Wireless data monitoring can be performed on the ultraviolet lamp from a certain distance, which can avoid being burned by human exposure to ultraviolet light.
      (2) Linshang LS126C measurement data is very comprehensive, with intelligent statistical functions. It can measure real-time power value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, measurement duration, test date and time. The historical data can be reviewed.
      (3) The instrument can automatically shut down and save data automatically. The instrument can record a total of 25 sets of data.
      (4) The Linshang LS126C UV lamp intensity meter is equipped with the one-meter hook specified in "WST 367-2012 Medical Institution Disinfection Technical Specifications", which is very convenient for measurement.
      (5) This instrument has a communication interface, which can generate test reports through computer software for easy archiving.
      The Linshang LS126C UV lamp intensity meter makes UV energy detection more convenient!



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