UV Sterilization Water Treatment and Waterproof Light Meter

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Water treatment objects include urban water supply treatment, drinking water treatment, farm water treatment, and wastewater treatment. In terms of UV sterilization, there are two methods: immersion and overflow. Instruments for testing the intensity of UV germicidal lamps need to be waterproof. The waterproof light meter recommended today is the Linshang LS125-UVC-WP-X1 waterproof light meter. 

1.  UV disinfection water treatment methods and requirements

Ultraviolet sterilization is the disinfection and sterilization of water by using 254nm ultraviolet rays generated by ultraviolet lamps. There are two types of treatment methods: immersion type and overflow type. Among them, immersion type is the place the lamp into water. The overflow type is place the ultraviolet lamp into the sleeve.

Due to the fast water flow and short time passing through the lamp tube, the emission intensity of the UV germicidal lamp used is very high. Generally, the radiation intensity on the lamp tube surface is greater than 30,000μW / cm². Because ultraviolet rays are easily attenuated, attenuation to a certain degree will reduce the sterilization efficiency and even fail to kill certain bacteria and viruses. Due to the particularity of water treatment occasions, the instrument is required to have a waterproof function, a high range and waterproof effect, that is, a waterproof light meter is required.

waterproof light meter

2. Waterproof light meter for water treatment

The ultraviolet lamp will decay with the use of time, so it is essential to regularly test the radiation intensity of the germicidal lamp. The waterproof light meter on the market is limited by its low measurement range and cannot be waterproof. Therefore, testing the radiation intensity of water treatment germicidal lamps has become a problem. This LS125-UVC-WP-X1 waterproof light meter from Linshang is a waterproof light meter specially developed for water treatment.

Its measuring range is 0-200000μW / cm², the peak wavelength is 254nm. It is waterproof up to 1 meter. The advanced digital probe technology is used. And the data collection and processing are done on the probe. The UV meter can avoid the interference of external factors such as water flow and equipment operation. The excellent data stability can be ensured.



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