LS201 Glass Thickness Gauge for Laminated Glass Thickness

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Recently, a customer purchased Linshang LS201 glass thickness gauge to measure the thickness of laminated glass. After using it, he found that the results obtained by measuring different laminated glass are not the same. When measuring some laminated glass, the instrument will directly measure the thickness of each piece of glass. When measuring other laminated glass, only the overall thickness can be measured. What causes this?

1. The structure of laminated glass

Laminated glass-one or more organic polymer intermediate layers are sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass. Then the glass and the intermediate layer are bonded together as a whole after special processing. The middle layer is usually made of PVB, EVA, SGP or PU. It can prevent the glass from forming sharp fragments after the glass is broken. Therefore, laminated glass is also a safe composite glass product.

2. The measuring principle of glass thickness gauge

LS201 glass thickness gauge mainly measures the thickness of glass by the optical reflection principle. A laser bar is installed inside the LS201 glass thickness gauge. The emitted laser light can be reflected at various junctions through the glass. The instrument can use the reflected light to determine the glass thickness. This instrument is more suitable for measuring traditional thickness measurement tools such as measuring scales that are difficult to operate, such as the thickness of hollow glass windows in architectural buildings.

3. Measuring the thickness of laminated glass

When measuring the laminated glass, the glass thickness gauge requires the laser to reflect at the interface between the glass and the intermediate layer, otherwise the instrument cannot recognize the intermediate laminated layer; in addition, the reflection between the glass and the intermediate layer cannot be too strong, otherwise the laser light is reflected back and the thickness of the next layer of glass cannot be measured.
      As shown in the figure below, the laminated glass intermediate layer measured on the left can reflect the laser light. While the glass intermediate layer on the right has no reflective ability, so only the thickness of the entire glass can be measured.

glass thickness gauge

However, due to the types of glass, we currently have no way to summarize the exact rules to determine whether the glass thickness gauge can measure the thickness of a single glass layer. If the purpose of purchasing an instrument is only to measure the single layer of laminated glass, please consider carefully the thickness of the glass, it is best to contact us in advance.
      More information about how to measure glass thickness, please click the underlined words.