Anticorrosive Coating Thickness Standard for Steel Structure

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Anticorrosive paints need to determine the paint coating thickness on steel structures according to the corrosive environment. Thicknesses that meet standards can effectively slow down corrosion and delay the service life of steel structures. Paint thickness gauges can be used to detect coating thickness.

Anticorrosive paint has the effect of slowing the corrosion of the protected material. Although it cannot be completely isolated, it has the effects of shielding, corrosion inhibition and cathodic protection of the protected material. Different corrosive environments have different requirements for the steel structure anticorrosive paint thickness. Only when the anticorrosive paint reaches a certain thickness can it have a protective response. Therefore, the paint thickness gauge is needed to detect the anticorrosive paint of steel structures.
       The Linshang LS220H dry film thickness gauge is a dual-purpose paint thickness gauge for both iron and aluminum, which is mostly used for the thickness detection of steel structure coating. 
       Coating thickness detection standard for steel structure anticorrosive paint:

  • C2 corrosive environment (low corrosion): service life / dry film thickness: low: 80; medium: 150; high: 200;

  • C3 corrosive environment (moderate corrosion): service life / dry film thickness: low: 120; medium: 160; high: 200;

  • C4 corrosive environment (high corrosion): service life / dry film thickness: low: 160; medium: 200; high: 240;

  • C5-I corrosive environment (high industrial corrosion): service life / dry film thickness: low: 200;

  • C5-M corrosive environment (high marine corrosion): service life / dry film thickness: medium: 280; high: 320;

paint thickness gauge

The above is anticorrosive coating thickness standard in different environment, quoted from “Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structures". If the design does not require a coating thickness, the steel structure coating thickness should be 150 μm outdoors and 125 μm indoors. Although anticorrosive paint cannot completely isolate the corrosion, it can effectively slow down the corrosion and prolong the service life of materials. The steel structure must be coated with the desired paint thickness in strict accordance with the corrosion level and checked with a paint thickness gauge to ensure that the thickness of the anticorrosive coating is acceptable.
      As a paint thickness gauge, LS220H can help you detect the coating thickness of steel structures according to standards.

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