The difference between the LS101A and LS181 window tint meter

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The Linshang window tint meter LS181 is suitable for testing the transmittance of automotive window film and the blocking rate of ultraviolet light. It is an upgrade product of the old LS101A, which mainly has the following differences:
       First, the power supply method is different. The LS101A power supply is 9V. The new LS181 window tint meter is powered by a universal 5V.
       Second, the light path design is different. The LS101A uses a diffuse light path design. The LS181
window tint meter uses a parallel light path design that can test thick materials and the data is still accurate.
       Third, the wavelength of visible light transmittance is not the same. The light source of the LS101A is 380-760nm full-band white light, while the LS181 window tint meter uses 550nm green light. The light source is different, so the light transmittance of the two instruments tested of the same material is a little different.
       Fourth, the appearance is not the same, please refer to the picture for the specific difference.

window tint meter

Fifth, the price is different. The price of the upgraded LS181 is slightly higher than the original LS101A. LS181 window tint meter can test more samples, so there are some adjustments in the price.



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