High-precision Painting Thickness Meter Used in Thermal Spraying Process

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1. High-precision painting thickness meter used in thermal spraying process

How thick the coating is, in fact, it depends on the bonding strength of the material and the workpiece material. The bonding strength of different materials and various types of workpieces is different. To achieve a good spraying effect and control the coating thickness, it requires long-term experience. Generally, the measuring instrument for measuring the thickness of thermal sprayed metal coatings is Linshang high-precision painting thickness meter, which has a relatively high measurement accuracy.

thermal spraying process

In order to ensure that the spraying construction personnel can effectively control the thermal spraying metal coating thickness within the thickness range required by the design and contract during the construction process. The workshop technical workers must repeat the process on the waste component or test panel before the project starts. To conduct metal thermal spraying test and training, we can use the high-precision painting thickness meter for thickness detection. Through the test and training, spraying construction personnel can master the performance of spraying equipment, spraying skills and control through the spraying process, effectively. 
       Thickness control during construction. In the process of thermal spraying metal coating construction, the inspector or coating construction staff should timely detect the coating thickness according to the line measurement and point measurement methods. 2. Linshang LS223 High-precision Painting thickness meter features:
       Linshang LS223 high-precision painting thickness meter is an dual-purpose instrument for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, suitable for non-magnetic on ferromagnetic metal substrates such as steel coating measurement. It can also be used to measure non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metal substrates such as copper and aluminum.

painting thickness meter

Linshang LS223 high-precision painting thickness meter is a measuring instrument with a measuring range up to 5mm. This high-precision painting thickness meter is much higher-end than the ordinary painting thickness meters on the market.
       The Linshang LS223 high-precision painting thickness meter probe is more durable than ordinary probes. That is because the probe is embedded with ruby and has strong corrosion resistance. The service life of LS223 high-precision painting thickness meter  is several times that of ordinary painting thickness meter !

2. How does a high-precision painting thickness meter  work?

First, when the instrument is off, long press the power button to enter the setting mode. Press the button to select the NFe / Fe automatic recognition mode. Then you can start the test. First, check the coating thickness of a non-ferrous base material. When the probe touches the measured material, it will switch to NFe mode and then you can measure the data. Finally, check the coating thickness of an iron-based material. When the probe touches the measured object, it will switch to the Fe mode immediately and you can measure the data again.

3. Precautions for high-precision painting thickness meter 

When the measurement mode is selected, wait for 3s to confirm the selection. When replacing the substrate, you can perform zero adjustment to ensure the data is accurate.



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