High-pressure Mercury Lamps and Use of UV power pucks

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Compared with everyday lighting tools, the advantages of high-pressure mercury lamps are obvious. Because of its high power and high illumination, it is mostly used in industrial lighting and large building lighting. Different industries have different requirements for brightness, so UV power pucks are often used.

1. Relevant knowledge of high pressure mercury lamp

(1) Related concepts of high pressure mercury lamp

The high-pressure mercury lamp is mainly used to illuminate the huge energy emitted by steam. It is not only easy to use, but also has a simple internal structure and low cost consumption, so it is favored by different industries. The high-pressure mercury lamp can control the spectrum between 315nm-420nm, which perfectly meets the high-intensity lighting of different needs. In actual use, it saves electricity and economy. High pressure mercury lamp will not consume too much maintenance cost and maintenance energy.

(2) The role of high-pressure mercury lamps

The main function of high-pressure mercury lamps is low energy consumption and high lighting. It can control the power at 250W-20KW through modern ultra-high lamp-making technology and exert excellent light efficiency. The high-pressure mercury lamp can use the phosphor in the lamp shade to enhance the actual light intensity effect with super high efficiency. It has the advantages that ordinary lighting fixtures cannot match.

(3) Application range of high pressure mercury lamp

High-pressure mercury lamps have higher power and longer lifespans than ordinary lamp tubes, they are often used in industrial lighting and road lighting. It provides a powerful light source and greatly save costs for manufacturers.

2. Use an UV power puck to measure high-pressure mercury lamps

The brightness of high-pressure mercury lamps is affected by many factors. It is common for the energy of high-pressure mercury lamps in the same batch to differ. Therefore, in the factory, people often use UV power pucks to detect the energy value of high-pressure mercury lamps to determine whether the quality of high-pressure mercury lamps meets the standards. The accuracy of this work also relies heavily on the high accuracy of large-range UV power pucks.

(1) Selection of UV power puck

Ordinary high-pressure mercury lamps have relatively high power and high energy, we choose an UV power puck to ensure that the measurement range is large enough to include the energy value of the high-pressure mercury lamp to be detected. In addition, based on scientific measurement considerations, we can choose an UV power puck that has both ultraviolet energy and intensity measurement of high-pressure mercury lamps. The last thing to mention is that the most basic choice of UV power puck is to ensure that its accuracy.

The LS130 UV power puck produced by Linshang Technology has the above points in terms of function. Its energy test range reaches 0-999999mJ / cm2.  Its value display is also quite fast and quick.

3. Measurement with UV power puck

When we specifically test the energy value of the high-pressure mercury lamp, we can find out which radiation spectrum lines of the mercury lamp are based on the data curve displayed by the LS130 UV power puck; judge the high-pressure mercury lamp by the energy value and power value measured in real time. Finally, a comprehensive analysis and comparison of the data is performed to evaluate the actual performance of the high-pressure mercury lamp.



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