How to Select Right Insulating Glass?

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Insulating glass is made of two or three sheets of glass bonded with a high-strength air-tight composite adhesive. There is a desiccant in the middle of the two sheets of glass. One is that its specifications are 5 + 6A + 5, 6 + 6A + 5, 8 + 6A + 8, etc. The specification is actually a very vivid description of the insulating glass, such as 5 + 6A + 5, which means two pieceS of 5mm thick glass is separated by a layer of 6mm air.
       In addition to knowing its specifications when purchasing insulating glass, other important factors must not be ignored:
       1. There must be no smudges, inclusions and sealant splashes that hinder perspective, so you can check the appearance and quality of the product to make a simple judgment.
       2. Check to see if there is a 3C certification mark. Occasionally, glass products burst. Accidents must be purchased from regular manufacturers for their own safety and the safety of passersby. Generally speaking, the glass used in current insulating glass is tempered glass. Tempered glass belongs to safety glass and is a compulsory product certified by the state. Therefore, the company ’s tempered glass will have a 3C mark on it. When purchasing the insulating glass, you must first check whether there is a 3C mark. You can check whether the purchased product has passed the certification according to the company information and serial number above.
       3. During the installation of the insulating glass, take care not to put a strain on the four sides alone, otherwise the installation position may be unreasonable and the glass may be broken.
       4. Detect the specific thickness of insulating glass. The thickness of commonly used insulating glass spacers is 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and other specifications. The thickness of the gas spacer layer is directly related to the size of the thermal resistance. When the glass material and the sealing structure are the same, the larger the gas barrier layer is, the larger the thermal resistance is. However, after the thickness of the gas layer reaches a certain level, the growth rate of the thermal resistance is very small. Because when the thickness of the gas layer is increased to a certain extent, a certain convection will occur under the effect of the temperature difference between the gases, thereby reducing the effect of thickening the gas layer. Insulating glass thickness can be measured with Linshang Insulating glass thickness meters LS200 or LS201.       The Linshang insulating glass thickness meter LS200 can measure the thickness of laminated glass windows on one side of the glass. It can measure glass thickness of 70mm and air interlayer 34mm. Take a scale reading and press the button to immediately display the test results. Insulating glass thickness meter LS201 can also measure the thickness of building interlayers and insulating glass windows on one side of glass. Chinese and English display can be selected. Automatic and manual measurement modes can be selected. It can measure up to 70mm glass thickness and 45mm air interlayer.

The above are some details that should be paid attention to when purchasing insulating glass. After reading this article, we hope you can buy high quality insulating glass.



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