Non-Contact and Laser Glass Thickness Meter

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How to measure the thickness of the installed glass? This problem can be well solved with the technology development. Different glass thickness meters adopt different principles. Today we introduce two different thickness measurement methods for glass thickness meters.
     Non-contact glass thickness meter
The non-contact
glass thickness meter adopts the principle of the Michelson interferometer. The probe light reflected from the front and back surfaces of the sample interferes with the reflected light of the reference arm to generate a weak interference signal. And the signal processing module differentially amplifies the weak interference signal light. The disadvantage of this glass thickness meter is that it is inconvenient to carry at a high price.

201 digital glass thickness meter

 Laser glass thickness meter
The laser
digital glass thickness meter adopts the laser principle. The digital glass thickness meter uses the principle of optical reflection to measure the thickness of the glass on one side of the glass. It is especially suitable for the glass thickness measurement such as building laminated glass and insulating glass.
     Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. has produced two laser digital glass thickness meters - LS200, LS201. LS201 is a digital glass thickness meter that directly displays the thickness of the glass and air layer. It is easy to carry with small size.



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