How to Maintain LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter

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  LS201 digital glass thickness metermakes use of optical reflection principle to measure the thickness of the glass surface on one side, it can test triple glazing (two panes of glass with a sealed air or gas space in the middle),double glazing, laminated glass and other kinds of glass.The meter applies CCD detection, with LCD display. It's easy to operate and quick and reliable in measuring.

Glass thickness metertest laminated glass

  How to maintain LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter, please pay attention to the following points:

  1. Keep the measured glass surface clean so as to improve the measurement accuracy.

  2. Try to avoid overlapping of several glass when measuring, which may lead to wrong measuring results.

  3. Keep the detector on the back of the instrument clean. To wipe the detector, use the soft cloth or cotton swab stained with alcohol.

  4. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, try to prevent the back of the Meter from directly facing the sunlight.

  5. This product emits a laser beam from the back side. DO NOT point the laser at anyone’s eyes.

  6. Avoid contact with corrosive substances and keep from high temperature and high humidity environment.

  7. While battery symbol is displayed as empty and flashing, please replace the batteries.

  The Meter is designed based on laser reflection off the surfaces of the glass, and the laser reflected beams is collected by the linear array CCD on the back of the meter, where the laser and CCD detector are located. When used, attach the back of LS201 digital glass thickness meterclosely to the tested glass surface.