Some Advantages of Insulating Glass

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  Why is the insulating glass(double glazing glass) widely used in building energy-saving industry, there are many advantages you do not know, here we make a summery.Advantages of insulating glass are as follows:
  1. Impact resistance: Because the surface of insulating glass composite material is aluminum alloy, the impact resistance is more powerful than PVC window material .

  2. Good water tightness: Doors and windows are designed into rain-proof structure, the rain will be completely isolated from outside, and the water tightness is up to the relevant national standards.
  3. Good sound insulation: Its structure has been carefully designed, tight seams, test results, shows that it can reduce the sound for about 30db.
  4. Good fire resistance: aluminum alloy is of metal material and burn-proof.
  5. Good air tightness: Insulating glass windows are filled with multiple sealing tops or rubber strips, gas tightness is of the first level, can bring full play to air-conditioning, and save 50% Energy.
  6.Heat insulating properties: Insulating glass materials have low thermal conductivity, the heat-insulating effect is 1250 times better than aluminum material,coupled with good air tightness, in the cold area although the temperature outdoor is dozens degrees below zero , the temperature indoor is largely different.
  7. Maintenance-Free: Aluminum alloy doors and windows paint is not susceptible to acid and alkali erosion, so it will not be faded, almost no maintenance is needed. When it’s dirty, we can wash it with water and cleaning agent, after cleaning it will recover.

LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter

  To test the thickness of insulating glass,we can use LS200 Glass thickness meteror LS201 Digital glass thickness meter.They are professional for measuring the thickness of single-glass,double-glazing glass,multiple glass,especially used in those occasion where ordinary scale and caliper can't work on.