Application of Tempered Glass Thickness Tester

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Tempered glass is a safety glass and is an indispensable material component of modern architecture. On the exterior windows of the building, the glass has to be highly transparent and has a UV-insulating effect, making it the most important building envelope. Different functions of glass are also required on different occasions. Tempered glass, insulating glass, three-glass two-chamber glass, laminated glass, high-gloss glass, heat-reflecting glass and other functional glass came into being. Today, now we introduce the how to measure the thickness of tempered glass with a glass thickness tester.
    Tempered glass is widely used in places where mechanical strength and safety are relatively high. Such as glass doors and windows, building curtain walls, automotive glass, glass furniture, indoor partitions, elevators, furniture, etc. The thickness of the tempered glass can be measured quickly and accurately with the Linshang Technology Tempered
Glass thickness tester LS201. In the figure, we edited the thickness of 5 pieces of tempered glass stacked with a tempered glass thickness meter and displayed 5 values. Press the M measurement button and the thickness of each layer of glass is immediately displayed. Is it very convenient?

glass thickness tester

This tempered glass thickness tester LS201 is based on the principle of optical reflection. It can measure the thickness of glass and air layer on one side surface of glass. It can test the thickness of two layers of air, laminated glass, single layer glass and various special tempered glass.
    The instrument adopts CCD detection, liquid crystal display, simple operation and fast and reliable measurement. Whether it is the quality control of glass products, testing, or the installation of curtain wall glass engineering, it can be easily handled, it is your best partner to measure the thickness of glass. It has been widely used in major glass manufacturers, engineering testing units, provincial architectural science design and research institutes, local housing and urban and rural construction bureaus, and building materials testing units.
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LS201 Glass Thickness Tester”.



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