Can We Use UV Light Meter Measure Nail Lamp Radiation Intensity?

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UV nail lamp
UV nail lamp

UV nail lamp is an important tool for curing nail polish. Currently, the most commonly used nail lamps are UV lamps, LED lamps and CCFL lamps. How do we know whether the nail lamp is effective? Can we use UV light meter to measure its radiation intensity? Let's find the answer in this passage.

 UV nail lamp is a hot cathode fluorescent lamp and its lamp emits UVA, which corresponds to a nail polish containing a UV-reactive photopolymerization initiator.

LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode, which can directly convert electricity into light. The LED is a single-wavelength light source, so it can be used in combination with ultraviolet or infrared light. So we can see that there are UV+LED dual lamps on the market.

The CCFL lamp is called cold cathode fluorescent tube, which has the advantages of high power, high brightness and low energy consumption. Moreover, the life of the cold cathode is relatively long, so it is not necessary to replace the bulb. Next, we will answer some questions that people concerned most about UV nail lamp.

1. Does the UV nail lamp tan skin like UV light?

The ultraviolet light emitted by the UV nail lamp belongs to the UVA band, that is, the wavelength is 320 to 400 nm, which is also called the long-wave black spot effect ultraviolet light. It does not contain UVB and UVC bands. The UVA wavelength of light requires a long period of chronic exposure to organically cause harm to human skin. The general power of current UV nail lamp is between 20-30W and some LED lights emit less power 9W. According to the frequency of making nails in two weeks, the exposure dose and irradiation time of these UVA wavelengths are far from being able to tan or cause disease.

2. How do we know whether the UV nail lamps are effective or not?

UVA meter
UVA meter

UV nail lamp radiation intensity will gradually decrease, so the lamp needs to be replaced regularly. After the nail lamp has been used for a period of time, the intensity of the emitted UV light is weakened, so some nail lamp manufacturers use an UV light meter to measure the radiation intensity of the nail lamp. Linshang LS125+UVALED-X3 UVA meter is designed to measure the radiation intensity (power) of low power UVA LED light sources such as nail lamp. The spectral response range is 340nm-420nm, calibrated at 395nm.  Just irradiate the UV light of the nail lamp on the UV probe, the UV radiation intensity will be displayed on the screen.

3. UV or LED nail lamp?

The exposure time of the nail lamp is not enough to tan the skin, but the LED lamp emits UVA (long-term use) which causes the skin to have melanin precipitation, just like the ordinary UV lamp. But compared with the UV lamp, the LED lamp only takes a short time. So the LED nail lamp is more energy efficient than the UV nail lamp. But the LED nail lamp price is also more expensive than the UV lamp. 

Furthermore, the LED light does not emit light in other wavelengths and it will not be hot when illuminated and will not burn the hands and feet. At present, the new phototherapy lamp is a UV lamp + LED lamp, which has the advantages of long service life, low power, low heat generation, more stable ultraviolet source and stronger penetrating power.

Based on the above analysis, you can choose UV nail lamp or LED nail lamp based on your needs. If you want to test whether the nail lamp is effective, get an UV light meter to help you measure the UV nail lamp radiation intensity.