Difference between UV Power Pucks In Auto Mode and Manual Mode

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Some time ago,the customer responded that Linshang UV power puck"automatic measurement mode and manual measurement mode"measurement data is inaccurate and the difference is very large.What is going on actually? Let's take the Linshang LS128UV power puck as an example to find out why the data difference between the automatic measurement mode and the manual measurement mode is very large.
    The Linshang LS128UV power puck is an energy meter dedicated to LED UV energy intensity detection.It can be used to measure the power, energy and temperature of LED UV sources.There are two main measurement modes: automatic measurement mode and manual measurement mode.In the manual measurement mode,we only need to set the parameters to start and end the measurement manually.

LS128 UV power puck

However,for the UV power puck in the automatic measurement mode,we need to set a trigger value of the UV intensity.Simply speaking,when the intensity of the UV light is lower than this trigger value, the instrument will not start the measurement.If the two UV lamps inside the curing machine are far apart,the automatic mode cannot be used.Because in the automatic mode, when the instrument passes through the area between the UV lamps,once the received UV intensity is lower than the trigger value set by the instrument, the instrument will automatically stop the test and the latter UV lamp will not be tested.In this case, the data measured between the automatic mode and the manual mode is very large.
In the other case,when the production line is very long,the instrument is not suitable for manual mode.Because the LS128UV power puck records only 32 minutes.If some production lines are very long,the instrument needs to run for a long time to reach the UV light source,which is more suitable for turning on automatic mode measurement.
    Therefore,although the LS128UV power puck has two measurement modes,the two measurement modes are not mutually usable under any circumstances and we should also analyze the specific conditions.