The Difference between UV test card and UV light meter

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Compared with the traditional UV test card, the UV light meter LS126C is more advantageous in terms of convenience, accuracy and durability.

    Compared with the traditional UV test card, the UV light meter LS126C is more advantageous in terms of convenience, accuracy and durability. For more information on LS126C products, please call customer service!
    When many customers call to inquire about the
UV light meter, they always ask what is the difference between your instrument and the traditional UV test card? Now let’s introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the UV light meter LS126C and UV test card.
    The UV test card is based on the principle of molecular change. When the energy of the molecule absorbs from sunlight and ultraviolet light reaches a certain level, the structure of the molecule changes, resulting in a change in wavelength, which ultimately changes the color of the substance. But when the energy of sunlight or ultraviolet light is released, the molecule returns to its original structure and the color returns to its original color.

    What are the drawbacks of using a UV test card?
      1. It can only be observed at the time of monitoring, and then the photosensitive paper color blocks will fade, so the inspectors must operate under the ultraviolet light tube. The inspectors need to wear protective clothing and protective glasses, and they will be fully armed, otherwise they will be injured by ultraviolet rays. .
      2. There is no measuring ruler, it is difficult to control the distance measured, and the illumination time is recorded by the watch, and the accuracy is poor.
      3. The result is judged by the difference between the color of the standard color block and the color of the sensing color block, which is easy to cause human error.
      4. High cost, although the price is cheap, but long-term use will increase the cost of testing.

      5. According to the principle of the ultraviolet test card, the energy of absorbing ultraviolet light reaches a certain level, which will lead to wavelength change and color change. The sterilizing specific UV lamp is UVC 254 band, so if the customer misuses the UVA 365 band ultraviolet .When the lamp is used, the color of the test card will also change. In fact, UVA 365 UV has no germicidal function.
    The drawbacks of the use of UV test cards are the advantages of the UV intensity tester LS126C. The principle is that the light signal is converted into an electrical signal according to the sensor, and then corrected by the correction factor, and then converted into a numerical value.

LS126C uv light meter

      1. It can realize wireless detection of UV intensity. The instrument comes with Bluetooth to connect to a dedicated mobile phone app and view test data directly on the mobile phone.
      2. Give 1 meter test hook to facilitate on-site measurement and solve the problem that the distance cannot be controlled during measurement.
      3. Using the digital probe, the digital signal processing is directly performed on the probe, the probe is not easily interfered and the test accuracy is excellent.
      4. The instrument has a service life of 5-10 years, which saves the inspection cost.
      5. Using high-precision UVC filters and professional UV sensors can eliminate the effects of other bands. There is no test data when testing the UVA and UVB band.
    From the perspective of convenience, accuracy and durability of the
UV light meter LS126C, it is more advantageous than the UV test card.

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