UV Intensity Meter Measuring Principle and UV Intensity Unit

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UV Intensity meter is an uv light measurement equipment used to detect the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. It is often used for the detection and maintenance of various equipment. The measuring principle of the UV Intensity Meter is the principle of photoelectric conversion. 

At present, the UV lamp used in different industries have different power and wavelength, in order to more accurately measure the radiation intensity of different types of ultraviolet light sources and improve the use experience of testers, we have launched an UV intensity meter with switchable UV radiation intensity units, the LS125 UV meter can switch the UV intensity unit, and different probes have different alternative UV radiation intensity units.

An UV Intensity Meter is an instrument used to test the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. What is its working principle? This article will introduce the UV intensity meter (UV dosimeter) measuring principle and UV intensity unit conversion in details.

I. UV Intensity Meter Measuring Principle

UV intensity meter usually consist of a selenium photocell or a silicon photocell and a microampere meter. A photovoltaic cell is a photovoltaic element that converts light energy directly into electrical energy. When light strikes the sensor surface, the incident light passes through the metal film to reach the interface between the semiconductor selenium layer and the metal film, producing a photoelectric effect at the interface. The magnitude of the generated potential difference is proportional to the illuminance on the light-receiving surface of the photocell. After reading the voltage value, the CPU calculates the irradiance of the ultraviolet ray according to a certain ratio, and displays the data on the screen.

II. UV Intensity Unit  

At present, the LS125 UV Intensity Meter can switch the UV intensity unit. Different probes have different alternative UV radiation intensity units. The alternative UV radiation intensity units for the 9 probes are as follows:


    Alternative UV radiation intensity units:μW/cm²(default), mW/cm², W/m²


    Alternative UV radiation intensity units:mW/ cm² (default), W/cm², W/m²

  3. UVA-X0:

    Alternative UV radiation intensity units:mW/ cm² (default), W/m²

 LS125 UV Intensity Meter switch the UV intensity unit
LS125 UV Intensity Meter switch the UV intensity unit

III. UV Intensity Unit Convertion

The LS125 UV Intensity Meter can switch UV intensity units according to different industries and different testing needs. Common medical UV germicidal lamps are usually measured in microwatts per square centimeter, while those in the water treatment industry are measured in milliwatts per square centimeter. This is mainly because of the difference in the power of different UV light source, so what is the conversion between these UV radiation intensity unitss? The formula for converting several UV intensity units is as follows:

1W/m²=1000 mW/m² = 1,000,000 μW/m²

=1W/10000 cm2=0.0001 W/cm2

=1000 mW/10000 cm² = 0.1 mW/cm²

=1,000,000 μW/10000 cm²=100 μW/cm²

IV. UV Intensity Meter Application

UV Light Source Suggested Probes
UV germicidal mercury lamp UVC-X0
UV germicidal mercury lamp, waterproof UVCWP-X1
UV LED germicidal lamp UVCLED-X0
297nm,308nm,313nm UVB light source UVB-X0
High pressure mercury lamp UVA-X0
UV LED lamp for curing machines UVALED-X0 or UVALED-X1
UV halogen, gallium, iron, xenon lamps, etc. UVA-X0 or UVA-X1
UV light in aging box UVA-X1 and UVB-X0
UV in ambient light and sunlight UVA-X1 and UVB-X0
UV Welding arc UVA-X1/UVB-X0/UVC-X0
UV light for non-destructive testing UVA-X0
UV nail lamp UVALED-X3
Plant growth lights or reptile lights UVB-X0

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