How to Measure UV Intensity of Exposure Machine?

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The exposure machine is an electron beam exposure machine, which is a complex semiconductor processing equipment that integrates electro-optical, mechanical, vacuum, electrical, and computer technologies. It is a machine that emits UVA wavelengths by turning on the light and then transferring the image information on the film or other transparent body to the surface coated with the photosensitive material.

The energy emitted by the UV source will slowly weaken over time, which will result in the uneven energy and making the image information untransferable. So, how to measure UV intensity of exposure machine? The energy detection of the mercury lamp exposure machine can use the UV energy meter LS120.

uv energy meter

The exposure machine UV energy meter LS120 is a truly intelligent instrument. At the time of testing, the energy, power, temperature and time can be tested simultaneously. Temperature and intensity curves can also be generated. It can be used in high temperature environment for a long time. It can also be connected to the computer to read the test data through the USB interface and print out the test report for easy comparison.

In addition, the energy detection of mercury lamps is based on the corresponding national standards, so the LS120 can pass the national standards. If you want to know how to calculate UV energy and intensity, you can read another sharing "How to Calculate UV energy and intensity by UV integrator?".



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