UV Energy Meter LS128 Born Background

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The traditional UV curing light source is a high pressure mercury lamp. In recent years, UV LED light sources have gradually emerged and are increasingly popular in the market. Based on the trend of market development, Linshang Technology has become the earliest energy meter manufacturer specializing in the development and production of UV LEDs.
    Conventional light source for UV curing High-pressure mercury lamps have a wide spectrum and low light source utilization (only about 365nm peaks are used for curing). Conversely, the UV LED source has a very narrow spectrum, and the source of the light source is mainly 365nm to 405nm. These bands can be used in the curing industry. The utilization of the light source is extremely high and the heat is very low. Compared with the high pressure mercury lamp, the LED lamp it is a cold light source. According to the current market trend, UV LED light sources will gradually replace the traditional high-pressure mercury lamps, becoming the main force in the curing industry.
    Traditional UV energy meters are used to measure the energy value of high pressure mercury lamps. However, the spectral curves of high-pressure mercury lamps and UV LED sources vary widely. It is no longer possible to measure UV LED sources with conventional energy meters, so we have developed a professional
UV energy meter LS128.

UV energy meter spectrum reponse curve

Linshang Technology focuses on the customer experience and is committed to providing quality services to its customers. The LS128 UV LED energy meter has been developed and produced. In addition to measuring the 365nm light source, the UV energy meter LS128 can measure UV LED sources in the 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405nm bands. And it can record energy, power, temperature and measurement duration, display power curve and temperature curve, and connect to computer to print test report.
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UV Energy Meter LS128".



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