How to Use UV Measurement Device?

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The UV measurement device  independently developed and produced by Linshang Technology is currently the most versatile on the market. You can not only test energy, power, temperature, time but also display the curve, export data and print test reports. Different instruments have been developed for different light sources. There is a UV measurement device LS120 for high-pressure mercury lamps and halogen lamps. This energy meter ensures that you can pass the Chinese national measurement and let you test without worry. There is also a UV measurement device LS128 for the current hot UV LED. This instrument is designed for UV LEDs and is perfectly responsive to UVA LED sources from 340nm to 420nm.

LS128 UV measurement device

The use of these two UV measurement devices is also very simple, just the following steps:
      1. Press and hold the power button to set the automatic mode/manual mode. Since the recording time is only 32 minutes, it is recommended to use the automatic mode for some production lines that are very long and need to run for a long time before reaching the UV light source.
      2. After the UV measurement device is turned on, the instrument displays the last measurement result and the instrument running status is STOP. Press the “select” button to view the last test data. Short press “power” button to select whether to start the next measurement.
      3. After starting the measurement, the test hole on the back of the instrument faces the light source. After the test is completed, press the “power” button to end the measurement (In automatic mode, when the value is lower than the set trigger value and the measurement will automatically end).
      4. After the measurement is finished, the instrument automatically saves the current measurement data. Press the “select” button to view the test data of the maximum value, minimum value, power curve and temperature curve.
   The above is the use of Linshang technology UV energy meter. After the test is finished, you can also connect the instrument to the computer to view the test detailed data or print the data report archive for later analysis.

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